Monday, September 3, 2012

Started last change...9/3/12


Hey Everybody!

This last week was a good week and I started officially my last change here in Paraguay. It is insane to think how fast it has gone and how fast it keeps going. I have a new companion who is going to be ¨killing¨ me here in Filedelfia. His name is Elder Ramos and he is from Argentina. Ha. He is a super funny guy and it is kinda ironic that I am going to end my mission on the only Latin comp I will have. It will be a good Spanish helper for before I go home. He has an awesome accent, and it always reminds me of the Italian accent back in New Jersey, but in Spanish.

This week we had the opportunity to do lots of service. We helped a family juntar leña (cut wood)again, but this time we got a lot!!! It was super fun and I really know how to work a machete after 2 years here in Paraguay. We are planning lots of cool things with the jovenes (youth) here in the area, to give them something better to do than go out on the weekends. The tribe here is so small and it is hard for them to find something better to do on the weekend than drink and party. We are also going to be doing an English class this Wednesday. I really think things are going to pick up and I will be leaving this beautiful country and people on a good note. That is about all for this week.

I am glad to hear that Justin didn't scream like a girl when he sprayed the bats. I wont lie, I probably would have. Ha. Sounds like all is well back home and that you guys are excited to go to the temple this week. There really is no better place on earth. It is kinda hard on the mission to not be able to go to the temple as much as we would like too. It's great to hear that you saw Viladi also. I hope he is well.
I love you all a ton, and am so grateful for all of you.

Elder Pearson

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