Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lots of Service This Week 9/10/12

Hey Everybody,

Another week bites the dust here in Paraguay. Things are good and we are working hard to find new investigators and get all the menos activos to come back to church. We are planning on doing an activity with the branch and want to give a lesson on the sacrament and the importance of taking it every Sunday. Hopefully, it will give the people the drive to come to church. We did lots of service again this week and were able to clean a lot of patios, cut grass with machetes, and prune some trees in the tribe Uh´ejlavos.

We started contacting and working in a new part of our area called barrio Primavera. It is a cool little part with Paraguayan and German people. As we were contacting we got a reference for a lady that supuestamente did witchcraft. We decided to go contact the reference and she turned out to be a really cool lady with LOTS! of good questions. Hopefully, she can progress. She is a very blunt person and thinks a ton, which is fun sometimes. We also contacted a German family that actually let us pass in to talk to them!! It was a miracle. Ha. But, they were super nice and Maria the daughter already knew the gospel of Jesus Christ, just didn't know she knew it. We talked about baptism, and she told us she doesn't understand how someone could be baptized by drops of water and that it would have to be how Jesus did it with lots of water, and that repentance means we ask forgiveness and never do it again. She knew her stuff. Hopefully, the family can progress. We weren't able to talk to the father, but they seem like very nice people.

Other than that not too much has been happening. We played soccer with some of the natives in Uh´ejlavos, and it was super fun. We were walking by and we saw a less active joven (youth) playing and he asked us if we wanted to play. Ha, they were pretty good and so is my latin comp, but it was still fun. Nothing better than a good partido (game)on a dirt field with sticks for goals! Good memories. I love you all and God bless.

Elder Pearson

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