Monday, September 3, 2012

Excited to lose myself in these last couple weeks... 8/27/12

Hey Everybody,

It is crazy to think how fast time goes. This last week was a very memorable one for me. There was a lot of stuff that happened.

We had the baptisms of the people out in Abundancia, and it was such a great experience to be able to see them enter the waters and make this promise to God. We started our trek out to La Abundancia and got on a collectivo (bus) that took us to the ruta (path), and then began the walk to the tribe. We had some good time to set everything up. We bought some Jugo (juice) and cookies for a snack after the baptisms. We set everything up and got the little snacks, all the baptismal clothes, and registros (records) set up. Then we got everybody ready, and finally with lots of different little erands, we got everybody lined up for their baptisms. Then we had the interviews and I was able to do it, with Alvino, a returned missionary by my side. He translated everything into Nivacle. It was the first time I was ever translated into Nivacle and it was a cool experience. Then we talked to this man named Benjamin who got us some really cool things made out of Palo Santo, a really good smelling wood here in Paraguay. After the service, we got everything cleaned up and headed out for the ruta again. As we were waiting for our collectivo, we saw some people whose car had broke down and we helped them jump the car with a trucker's cables. It was fun and it always feels good to hook a brotha up. In church on Sunday I gave the Sunday School class on the life of Christ and talked a lot about service for others. There really is nothing better than kind service that we give. It makes you feel great.

That was my week pretty much. Mirta is still doing well and her son in law picked up the Book of Mormon one day and started reading. He really got interested in what it said and wants us to start visiting him, which is awesome! So, she said she is going to wait for him to be baptized so they can all do it at the same time! Awesome. It is such a cool experience to see the spirit working on her and her family.

I love you all so much, and I will see you guys before you and I know it. All I know is that it sometimes brings me to tears to think of the fact that I will have to leave this amazing country and these amazing people. I am so excited to see all of you, but I am even more excited to lose myself in these last couple weeks that I have. God bless

ELder Pearson

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