Monday, August 13, 2012

Time is flying way too fast. 8/13/12

Hey Everybody!!!!!

Things here on the dusty streets of Filadelfia are great! We are working hard and this next week is a big preparation week for the baptisms that we are going to have. I was sick this past week, like the worst I have been my whole mission, so we didn't get to work as hard as we could have, but it was still a succesful week. I am feeling better though, so this next week we are ready to give it all we got. I won't lie, the time is flying way too fast and it feels like the weeks are going by faster and faster.

Honestly, nothing too big or eventful happened this week. We went to Abundancia again and we had the chance to talk to some more people who want to be baptized out there. So we need to go and teach them and prepare them for their baptisms. The only thing is a lot of them don't know Spanish. They speak Nivacle, so we will have to go with someone who can translate for us. I usually give the Sunday School class on Sundays and this last one went really well. The people here are very shy sometimes so I wanted to get them talking and active. We talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost and I did an activity with them. I drew a maze on the board and told them to close there eyes and try to complete the maze and get to the end. They couldn't do it, so I had someone come up and try while I told them softly where to go. Kinda corny, but they loved it and they all wanted to try. I compared it to the spirit. It was fun. Besides that we are preparing Mirta for her baptism and she is doing awesome. The Lord has really blessed us to have an investigator like her. She is really guapa, and just wants to follow the Savior.

Rohayhu Iterei

Elder Pearson

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