Friday, August 10, 2012

I love these people... 8/6/12 )

 Hey Everybody,
(Pictures Below)

It was great to hear that Elder Holland was in the ward you attended on Sunday. Nothing better than seeing an Apostle walk through the door at church. Ha. That is a way cool experience too Mom.
Things are going great here in Filadelfia. We are working hard and have had some good success here in this area. The Lord has really been blessing us here and I think we will see some great miracles. Mirta came to church and is doing well. She invited her vecina (neighbor) to come as well, which was awesome, and I think they both really enjoyed it.

This week we went to a place called La Abundancia ( I think you can look it up on google earth) and it was a cool trip. We take a bus for an hour, and then usually have to walk for another hour, and then we are there. It is a place that is all members of the church, with a HUGE chapel, and we go out there every once in awhile to set up the baptisms that need to be done. There is another little tribe that goes to church with them that live like 10 mintutes away that we walked to and checked out. It was cool, and I think lots of them want to be baptized. At least that's what we have heard, so we will have to check it out. It's just hard because they only speak Nivacle, which is a really hard language and we only know a couple of things, so Carlos from Abundancia goes out there to talk with the people and see if they have desires to keep going. With a ward family that always goes hunting for their food, we had rabbit and sweet potatoes that they found out there. He is always hunting for his family and the tribe, and said he is going to try and get us some ostrich to eat. Ha. AWESOME!!
A really hard part of this week was a funeral we had. It was the first one on my mission and they asked me to give the dedicatory prayer over the grave. It was the first time in my life I had done that and one of the few times I had been at a funeral. It was a 4-year-old son of some members. He was pushed into a little pond in the village, and didn't know how to swim, and was found floating after 10 minutes. Out here they don't know CPR and the closest hospital is a 20 minute walk so it was hard to do anything to save his life. But, we had the funeral and it went well. We read in Alma 40 verses 11 and 12 and they really show, at least in my opinion, the hope that we can have even though death will come. Even though we die, we go into Paradise and we can rest with our Heavenly Father.

Then we made some firewood for an hermana. The wood was SUPER HARD and the Ax was really dull, which gave us some big o blisters. Ha Ha. I love these people so much and know the Lord blessed me when he decided to send me to Paraguay.
I am so grateful for all the support that you guys give me, and especially the support and love I feel from my Savior. Love you Guys!!
(It sounds like you guys had a scare with grandma going to the hospital, hopefully all goes well and she can leave back to the house.)

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