Monday, August 20, 2012

Last Zone Conference... 8/20/12

Tah Kunash (Nivaclé)

Sounds like all is well back home and that everyone is really busy. Things are good here in Paraguay and in our area. I never get tired of the amazing sunsets here in Paraguay, and this beautiful place here on earth that God made. I sent a picture of me and my companion in La Abundancia setting up baptisms for this Saturday. We were on our way out and we had to snap a picture of the great sunset.

Mirta is doing well. It was kind of a harder week because her baptism is not going to happen this week, but it will the next. She was really excited and ready for church this Sunday, but Satan really put his hand in this one, and her daughter was very ill. So Mirta had to go to the estancia (special home) where her daughter lives and care for her. It was a de repente (impromptu) trip that she had to make and she couldn't make it to church, but she is excited for next week, and for the blessings that await her. This next Saturday we set up some baptisms out in the Indian tribe in Abundancia, and the people are excited to have a baptismal service. There is a choir out there that sounds AMAZING!! Hopefully, they are going to be able to make it to the service as well.

This area is amazing and it is such a cool experience to be able to hear all the different languages, but it can be hard sometimes when people come to church who only speak Spanish, but the leaders speak another language during the meetings. It can really hurt the interest in the investigators and the desires they have to join. It is another barrier that is kind of holding us back a bit, but really nothing can stop someone from making this covenant with God.

Other than that nothing too crazy or interesting has happened. We don't have a huge investigator pool right now so that is something we are working on. We need more people to teach and we are going to contact a ton this next week to try and find some good quality news. Tomorrow is my last Zone Conference and I will give my last testimony to a couple zones. It is a little scary that it is already here, but I am excited to let others know about my opinion and thoughts of the mission. I love this church so much, and more than the church I love the gospel and the teachings that it holds. Nothing is better to base our lives on than the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the great blessings we receive from it. God has truly blessed us with the Book of Mormon and the teachings that it has. I love you guys so much and am so lucky to have a family who supports me and loves me in all that I do. God bless.

Elder Pearson

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