Monday, July 30, 2012

Things are great here in the Chaco! 7/30/12

Things are great here in the Chaco!!

We have been working hard, and have really been looking for some teaching opportunities through the members. The work in this area is a little bit slower just because everyone is either a member or has been contacted and taught before, or they are Mennonites and want nothing to do with us. So really, members are our only way. They are awesome though and have really helped us out a lot.

Some different things that happened this week.... We were walking down the street on a Saturday night and a drunk guy was walking around with a rifle. It kinda scared us a little bit, but everyone here hunts for their food. At least the Indians do, so everybody has guns, so it is pretty normal to see. It just gave us a little startle. Ha.

We have an investigator named Mirta and I would love for you guys to pray for her. She has the strongest desires to be baptized, but is not married to her husband. But, her husband is an alcoholic and when he is drunk he gets mad at her and hits her. She was hit so badly last week that she was not able to come to church becuase she needed to stay in bed to rest. Her husband ran away, and she might have the possibility to live on her own, which is what she wants. She has so much faith too, and told us she knows that God will bless her in her life. Even though she has problems and trials she knows God loves her and will get her through them. So if you could remember her in your prayers that would be awesome.

We had a good Sunday, and one of the best things about our ward out here is that everyone knows how to sing really well. All of the Nivacle Indians have really good voices and know how to do parts and everything. We sang 'God Be With You Til We Meet Again' for the last song and it sounded sooo good. The spirit was really strong, and then I gave the sunday school class. It went well and I got them all to participate a lot which is really important here. The people can be a little shy here and it is always good to get them excited about the classes.

Well, that is all I think. We are working really hard and we might have the chance to open up a little indian tribe out here called, Yalve Sanga, you can look that up on Google. It is by Abundancia. I will let you guys know more about that next week and I promise next week I will have some photos.
Love you guys a ton, and thanks for everything!!

Elder Pearson

PS.. Our street is Calle Boqueron and calle 6 en Villa Amistad. Hopefully, that will help you look up something on Google Earth. Ha. It honestly reminds me of an old western cowboy movie out here, like cowboys and indians stuff. It is awesome!

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