Monday, July 23, 2012

Changed to CHACO 7/23/12

Hey Everybody!!


SO, I got changed out of Yvera and I am now in a new place, which really seems like a new country. I am in the furthest away area in the mission and it is a pretty rural place. It is THE CHACO! It is a place called Filadelfia and is in the middle of nowhere. My new comps name is Elder Anderson and he is wayyy cool. We get along really well. I hope he kills me out here. We cover 2 Indian tribes, the Nivaclé Tribe, and the Guarani Tribe, and a whole other neighborhood with all German people. It is nuts when we do our shopping on p-days. It is all in German and everyone is speaking a different language here all the time. Ha Ha. It is kinda crazy. I have not taken any pictures, but I willl take some soon to send home. I am honestly so grateful to finish my mission out here in the chaco with such humble people. The Nivaclé are way nicer and more receptive, but the Germans really want nothing to do with us. It is a little taste of a mission in Europe. Ha. But, things are good, and luckily, a lot of people speak Spanish.

It is like my first area and we ride around on bikes everywhere because everything is farming out here. There are three main factories, the dairy factory, chancho, and horse feed factories. So basically, instead of water, we drink yogurt. It is awsome! Church was great and I am teaching a lot of the classes. The people know a lot, but are still not capacitated to teach the classes yet, but we are getting there. Things are great though and we are working really hard. The people here go to work out in a place called the Monte, and they work for weeks at a time, and then hunt and bring back the food here to Filidalfia. It is so cool, because a member is going to hunt us Ostrich to eat!! Awesome. The people are so amazing here and are so humble. I love them. There are noooo lights at night either so the stars and the moon are amazing!!! I really hit the jackpot for my last moments here in this amazing país de Paraguay! God bless you all. I love you so much. I can testify that the Lord knows us and only wants that we are happy. I am learning Nivaclé now so I am going to come home speaking a mix of way too many languages. Ha. Love you guys.

Elder Pearson

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