Monday, July 9, 2012

Positivity and Patience Baby!!! 7/9/12

Happy Birthday to Jamie Pearson!! Hope it's a good one!!!

Congrats to Max. He is going to be such a GREAT MISSIONARY!!

Hey Everybody,

Mucha lluvia y un gran partido!! (A lot of rain and a big game!)

This week was good, a little difícil (difficult) with some rain and some soccer going on, but a good week. Cerro and Olimpia are the 2 rival teams here in Paraguay and they played a classic yesterday. It was pretty crazy outside. We were doing our weekly planning during all that, but it was pretty exciting for me being someone who loves sports. Everytime someone scored the streets went crazy and our apartment is on a really busy street so there was a lot of noise. It was kinda fun!

We found a really cool couple this past week. We were looking on our list of members, and searching for people we did not really know yet, and we came across someone who had served a mission. So we went and found out he had moved to another ward, but his friend had moved into the house. His name is Juan and his girlfriend is Yessica. They are super cool and both have so much desire to follow Christ! Yessica's Mom is a member who lives in the campaña (country). Yessica had always loved church, just never was taught by the missionaries. We had a really cool lesson with them both and we talked about being cleansed through Christ. I think they are really going to progress well.

We also started teaching Bernardino and his sister Mary. I told you guys about Bernardino last week, but Mary is AWESOME! We were both a little hesitant with her because she seemed to not like us very much, but she opened up right away and we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. She really has a strong relationship with God. They are both way cool.

My companion has been a little depressed and down and always seems to be kicking himself after lessons, saying he could have done better and things. It has been a challange to help him keep his confidence and really trust in himself, but we are making progress, and he really is a great missionary. It is hard sometimes on the mission because we always want to be the best we can, but we have to remember we can't be perfect, but we can try! Positivity and Patience baby!! (Dick Vitale voice) haha.

Love you all,
Elder Pearson

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