Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"I gotta aprovechar" 7/2/12

Hey Everybody,
Things are going well here in Yvera. We have been able to get some new investigators this week and the asistencia (attendance) of the ward has gone up, which has been our goal! It is nice to see some results finally from our efforts here in this area. The ward is not really excited about working with us, or at least they weren't, but now they are really starting to help and this next week we are going to plan the balitas (marbles) tounament. We will see how it goes.

This week we were trying our hardest to talk with every single person we saw and we ended up helping some people who got their car stuck in a hole. We helped and then we contacted them. One of them started talking to us in English and we asked him where he lives and if we could pass by. Eventually, we found his house and we were able to talk to him. We had a cool lesson in English and Spanish. Ha. He has really strong desires to understand everything and learn, we just need him to desire to know if it's true from God. He came to church and had a good experience. His name is Bernardino and he is 19. It is funny though because his parents don't really like us too much. When we go over to his house we talk to him in English so they don't understand, that is for the moment. We are hoping we can talk to them too in a little bit. We shall see what happpens with him.
Also, today I was able to go to a concelio (conference) for all the lideres (leaders) in the mission. It was really good and I was able to see all my buddies and play soccer with them which was way fun. Time is flying so I gotta aprovechar (take advantage of it).

Love you guys,
Elder Pearson

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