Monday, July 16, 2012

My theme for the last three months...plant as many seeds as I can. 7/16/12

Hey Everybody!

Another week has passed here in the beautiful country of Paraguay, where the mandioca (yucca) grows like grass, and the Guarani (native language) flows like the wind!! Ha. It's just an awesome place here ok.
It was a good week. It was the last week of this change, so we were stressing really hard to get people ready for next change, especially getting them to church. We have really been struggling with that lately here in this area and it is just hard to see people who want to know, just won't put in the effort to go to church and receive the witness there. But as missionaries the only thing we can do is invite the spirit to testify to the hearts of these humble people and pray with all our might that they will let it in. Then depending only on them, and their agency, they can be saved and receive that testimony of this Gospel. I have really been thinking a lot about these last couple months that I have left to spread this beautiful gospel throughout Paraguay and it makes me think of everyone we talk to everyday. I read a scripture in District Meeting in Romans 1:16. It really sets the tone for me of what I feel and how I want everyone else to feel about the Gospel. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is why I try not to stutter before going up and talking to a very mean looking man, or a group of jovenes (youths) that will maybe make fun of me. Nope, it doesn't matter because I know it is true and I know they need it, so nothing should stop me. It is kinda my theme for these last 3 months I have and I really want to plant as many seeds as I can and feel accomplished at night when my head hits my pillow.

It is great to hear that Elder Bastian made it home safely and that his homecoming went well. It is pretty weird to think that he is already home and how fast things are moving. Changes are tonight and I will most likely be going somewhere else for my last 2 changes. We shall see what the Lord has in store. Love you guys!!!

Elder Pearson

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