Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nothing puts a big smile on your face more than to see an inactive member come back to church. 5//7/12

Hau´pe familia kuera,

First off I just want to say Happy Birthday to Dad and to Grandma!!!! I hope they are good ones. About the Mothers Day call, I am going to do it on Saturday the 12th and at 2:30 MY TIME, which I think is 11:30 am your time. Im not going to be able to do skype this time, but I will be calling from the church phone again. I will have to call you guys first. I am excited to talk to you, and don´t worry about the no skype, it will just make the reunion that much sweeter!! ha.

This week was really good though. We didn't have more lessons or find more people than any other week, but we had some really good quality lessons and have some really good quality people that are progressing. We are teaching a lady named Lorena, she is in her late 20´s and is the girlfriend of a member in another ward. She has really dived into the Book of Mormon, and really loves church. She is really enjoying the gospel.

We also had Zone Conference this week and it went really well. We talked a lot about contacting and talking with everyone, somethine that I think this mission is having trouble with. I feel like back in the first days of my mission we would contact soooo many people, big groups, people walking, EVERYONE, and now people have this fear about contacting and talking to people. The conference was good though. We had a testimony meeting at the end and it was really spiritual and the good ol office food wasn't too bad either!

Another awesome thing that happened this week was at church on Sunday. Here in this area, Laurelty, there is a family Lopez, who have been members for a LONG time, years and years. The hermano has been inactive for a long time, but is still super faithful to everything else. Like, he pays his tithing, offerings, fasts, reads and prays, but just would not come to church and had not come for about 5 years. Finally, this last Sunday he showed up and it was a good surprise. Nothing puts a big smile on your face more than to see an inactive member come back to church. Then we went over to his house. He told us some cool stories about the mission back in the day and then he bore testimony to us about obedience and how now he is going to be completly obedient by going to church. It was cool to have him back.

I am exctied to talk to you guys this Saturday, I really hope that all is well with Tye and Nikki. I love you guys!!!! A TON!!!!

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