Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I know this is the truth that I am living, preaching... 5/14/12


It was really good to be able to talk to you guys last Saturday.
This week was really good. We had some really good lessons with some really good people this week that are actually progressing. Lorena is really excited about her baptism this Saturday, and she has really strong desires to follow Christ and enter into this covenant with Him. We are also teaching Diana and she said she would think about her baptism on the 25th of May, so we will see what progress comes from that. Really nothing too crazy happened this week, just working hard, spreading the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
One thing I noticed this week though, is that people can't accept the truth sometimes. For example, the main church here in South America is the Catholic Church, and they are baptized as babies. So almost everyday people ask us, "But, I was already baptized so why would I need to get baptized again?" They ask us if there baptism was valid or not. When they ask a direct question that has a direct answer, and we give it, sometimes it is not what they want to hear. We always go about preaching the truth, even getting asked questions, and when we give truthful answers, they can't handle it. It's like that line from the movie... Jerry Maguire I think... when he says, ¨You want the truth. You can't handle the truth.¨ It is one of the hardest things in missionary work, to testify with power and love, only wanting them to understand the truth, but they can´t handle it, so they reject it. Something will eventually soften their hearts, and they will accept the truth.

I know that this is the truth that I am living, preaching, and learning everyday of my mission. I know that the Book of Mormon is the true word of God, and that it, with the Bible, can guide us on a path of peace and happiness towards our loving Heavenly Father. I know that the gift of forgiveness is real and that Jesus Christ will forgive everyone of us, as long as we turn to him and show our desires to change. I am so grateful for the ultimate sacrifice and pure love that Christ showed when he suffered and died for us, and for the hope and happiness that comes with his resurrection. I know this church is true and perfect.
I love you guys, not this much { }, but this much { A LOT } and I hope all goes well with this next week.

Elder Pearson

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