Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Missionary work is hard, but worth it. 4/23/12


This week was a good last week of the change. As things wind down in a change it is always funny how you start to find some good investigators. I am sure I will be staying with Elder Bailon here in Laurelty and then who knows. Things are pretty good here. It has been a really tough area, but I really like it a lot here. The members are great and are constantly serving us with food, help with the area to know where people live. It's a cool area.

The hardest thing about missionary work, at least it feels like the hardest thing right now in this area, has been the agency of others. We have gone through sooooo many investigators here in this area, and have tried with them, but not one of them shows the desires to really know if this church is true. Helping them realize that answers don't come unless we put forth the effort is tough to do, so we have been dropping a lot of people and doing a TON of contacting. I know without a doubt that there are people in this area that really want to know about the restored gospel. We just have to find them. They are known as the low hangers on the tree. Through our efforts contacting we have found some cool new people. We found an hermana that used to talk to the missionaries, and her aunt is a member. The only problem is that her husband doesn't really like us, but she really has desires to follow Christ and find out for herself if these things are true. We talked about prayer because she told us it has been awhile since she prayed and she got emotional as we bore our testimonies of our Heavenly Father and how he wants to hear from us.

We had dinner with the Bishop and his family last Saturday. They are really good people. He could be the best bishop I meet on my mission, but it was good to be with them and talk about our investigators.

Missionary work is hard, but worth it. Yesterday, I was able to give a talk in sacrament meeting about la Obra Misional (missionary work) and it went well. I talked about the Book of Mormon and how when Joseph Smith was with the guards, before he was about to be murdered, he looked the guard in the eyes and bore him a strong testimony of the Book Of Mormon and the truth it holds. He wasn't thinking about his life, or the fact that he would die, instead he bore testimony. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that the restored Gospel is on the earth today. This next week is going to be work, work, work, and I am excited to see the blessings that will follow. I love you all so much. God bless!!

Elder Pearson

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