Monday, April 2, 2012

Conference was GREAT!!! 4/2/12


It is good to hear that all is well, and sometimes weird to think that time just keeps on going back home. Conference was GREAT!! I wish I gave it the glory it deserves back before my mission, but it really was a great opportunity to receive the guidance from our leaders and Prophet.  I got lucky this conference and was able to watch all sessions, even the Priesthood session!  I personally love Elder Holland's talk.  To me it seems important, remembering that we must not envy or desire that of others. Basically, we should count OUR personal blessings and not desire those of others.  The Priesthood Session was also really good and I think it really pumped us up as Priesthood holders to make sure we are worthy and ready to use that sacred power.  It was a good General Conference. 

As far as the work goes this week, it was mas o menos (not too bad).  I felt good about the week because we worked hard and the Lord knows we put forth our efforts this past week.  I did a division with Elder Babcock (a really good mission buddy)  and it was the coolest division I think I've been on.  We started the division after a capacitacion (training)  con Presidente Madariaga, which was also really good.  Basically, in the capacitacion, we talked a lot about the type of missionaries we are.  This mission used to be the most baptizing mission in the world, only 4 years ago, and then we just dropped.  We are trying to figure out what needs to happen to see more people enter the waters of baptism.  We talked a lot and he asked us our opinions.  It was a good conference with some good ideas and thoughts.  But, the division was awesome.  We had a really good first day and the coolest part was a lesson with a less active young couple.  We went over to their house for the first time and they let us in.  We talked about temples and the importance of getting sealed as a family in the Lord's house.  It was a good lesson.  We said a prayer and got ready to leave.  Then the hermano looked us in the eyes and told us that he didn't go to work that day. He had decided to sleep in.  When he got up, he asked God in a prayer what He would bless him with today. As soon as he finished his prayer, he heard our clapping at his door.  He then started bearing his testimony to us with tear-filled eyes about the temple and how they now have the goal to become a sealed family. If the man had gone to work we wouldn't have been able to meet with him. The spirit was sooooo strong, and it was a really great experience, one that I will remember forever.   

Besides that we found a couple good new people to teach and right now I am helping my companion with his contacting.  Things are good and the mission is awesome.  I have really dove into the Book of Mormon as well and have made a goal to make it my true teaching tool in this last part of my mission.  It truly has such power and abiltiy to teach, WAY better than me, so I figure I might as well use it.  I love you guys so much and have been so blessed with my family and friends.  I can't thank my parents enough for the example that they show and the aid they have given me.  God bless.  I LOVE YOU!!!

Elder Pearson

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