Monday, March 5, 2012

Osvaldo baptized and confirmed!!! 3/5/12

Osvaldo's baptism.  He is wearing Chase's missionary nametag because he is so psyched to go on his own mission.

Elder Pearson and Elder Anderson with Osvaldo on day of his baptism.

Hey Everybody!  First I want to thank both Grandparents Pearson and Ash for the birthday present!  It really means a lot to me, the help and support I get from you guys, so thank you so much.
             It was good to see the pictures of Russ getting home safely and to see the big smiles that the kids had.  I am glad to hear all is well back there with the family, and it is great to hear Russ is home safe.  This week was a really good week filled with different stuff that happened.  First, and most important, Osvaldo was baptized and confirmed!!! It was awesome! I can say another of the coolest people I have had the opportunity to help on his journey towards salvation.  He really has come a long way, and even though his living situations and friends still are not the best, he has so much strength and ability to overcome the temptations of the devil.  I think I already told you guys, but he lives in the most ghetto part of our area, where there are tons of fights and basically 24/7 borrachos (drunks) .  As we were teaching a menos activo (less active) family, he came up and asked if he could talk to us.  He said he felt something different when he talked to us and the spirit really testified to him of the truth.  It is crazy how receptive he is to the spirit, and how fast it entered into his life with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is such a humble man, barely has any money to his name, but does all he can to be a good person and to keep the commandments of God.  After his baptism we asked him to share his testimony for the people that came.  He bore a short, but powerful testimony.  Then, after his confirmation on Sunday, we were in Principios del Evangelio (Gospel Principles) and the lesson was on the spirit.  He began to tell us how the spirit was what spoke through him when he bore his testimony.  How he felt like he had things made up in his mind to say, but none of that came out, only what the spirit told him to say.  He is such a cool guy, and now his goal is the mission.  He is only 21 and has tons of desires to serve the Lord.  He has been such an example to me of someone who can overcome the power of temptation, and someone who has truly seen the work of our Savior in his life. 

            We also have Diana who went to church, and is preparing to get baptized the 13th. We will see how everything goes with her and the date we set.  I really think she has progressed a ton, and as with Osvaldo, the Spirit has influenced her so much.  She really wants a good life for her and her kids and she knows that will come through the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  Hopefully, all goes well with her.  We have really seen some miracles here in Laurelty, and I just hope that it doesn't stop.  My comp, Elder Anderson, is finishing here in about another week and a half, so I will get my change soon.  I don't know what will happen, but we shall see.  I am almost positive I will stay here in Laurelty, but who with no sé (who knows).  Since my companion is soon going home, we have been talking a lot about what we want to keep from the mission after we go home.  There are a lot of things that we want to keep, but as we were talking about it, I noticed how key the mission is, and how much it really shapes us and helps us realize what our priorities should be, and what should be at the top of our list.  I know this church is true and every time I have the chance to testify of it, my surety of the truthfulness of it grows even more.  It is kind of ironic, but lately here in Laurelty we have had a lot of different people reject us in some different ways.  Sometimes they really like to speak their minds, but it is ironic how it really just makes my testimony so much stronger when it happens.  The gospel makes sense, Jesus lives and is the Christ, and The Book Of Mormon and the Bible contain the fullness of the Gospel.  I love you guys so much and am so grateful for your support everyday as I am here on my mission.  God bless.
Elder Pearson

The pictures are of Osvaldo and his baptism, he was wearing my plaque getting stoked to serve his mission.

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