Monday, February 27, 2012

A Fun, Full Week in the Mission - Pics Below 2/27/12


Thanks Fam for the awesome package you guys sent. It is a good one and I really appreciate it a lot!  This week was a week full of great things, a super fun week of my mission that I will si o si always remember.  First, Dani was baptized and confirmed and I can say he has been one of the coolest, if not the coolest, guys I have had the chance to see enter the waters of baptism.  The best part was that Carlos got to baptize him and gain that spiritual experience and share it together.  After his baptism Dani told us he felt fresco (fresh) and light.  He knows that he is clean from every sin he has commited and that he has made this covenant with God.  He bore his testimony after his baptism and even though it was short, the spirit was soooo strong.  Then Carlos got up and bore his testimony about the experience with Dani and the spirit was just as strong.  It was a great service and a great experience to see the change and happiness in Dani and Carlos.

Then, as you can see from the pictures, we got to see a goat killed and peeled.  A couple days before that though, we we able to milk it, and we both drank milk straight from the udder (not the tastiest thing, but worth a try).  It was pretty nuts to see it get killed and peeled right in front of us in a matter of 15 minutes.  I have a video, but it's a little big and a little graphic.  It was funny though because me and my comp kept on saying things like wow, oooo, que loco. The family just laughed at us.  It kinda took away the ganas (desire) to eat since we had lunch right after.  Ha Ha.  
On Friday we had zone conference which was really good!  We talked about how faith is power, and the things we need in order to obtain faith, and how to help our investigators obtain it as well.  We have to desire it, work for it, and then we have to receive a confirmation that we have it.  It was a good conference.  We ate some really good food too (or so we thought). Ha.  In the middle of the night I had really bad chi vi vi (Montezuma's revenge), and so did the whole three zones that were at the conference.   Almost everyone had it, except for a couple people. That is the recap this week with Elder Pearson.  I love you guys a ton!!!  God bless!! It is weird to be 21.  Love you!

Elder Pearson

Carlos baptized Dani.  The spirit was soooo strong.

Dani said, "I feel fresco and light."

They killed and skinned a goat in about 15 minutes.