Monday, March 12, 2012


Hey Everybody!

It sounds like all is going well back home and that you guys are enjoying the weather.  IT IS HOTTTT HERE!!! ha But good.  Even though my companion is dying soon, like in 3 days, we are still working here in Laurelty.  We have had some good success here and have seen some real miracles happen.  I won´t lie, this week was a little rough as far as the teaching goes and it was tough to get into houses.
One of the hermanas (sisters) in the district is sick, and was feeling really bad the other night.  She called us and asked if we could call them a taxi.  So, we tried, but no one answered.  We had to go outside at night on a Saturday at 1:30 AM and look for a taxi.  Haha  It was pretty crazy outside, especially out on the ruta (street), drunk people everywhere, and tons of macanada going on.  We eventually couldn't find a taxista (driver) so we just called the Assistants to come and get the hermana and bring her to the hospital.  It has been a week full of doing things for the hermanas in the district, buying food, medications, random stuff.  But blessings are in store.
We have been working a lot with Osvaldo and I am excited to help him stay on the path to his mission.  I really don't know what changes will be, could be training, but I dont know.  We will see. O yeah, this week we killed a chicken with the family Lopez.  It was funny just because the Hermana Lopez couldn´t keep from laughing. 
I am really excited to see what the Lord has in store for this area, and for me on the mission.  I will really miss being with Elder Anderson. This last change has been awesome, and I have really learned a lot.  I am a true believer that our Mission Presidente receives revelation for companionships and areas.  I feel like sometimes in the mission, or sometimes when I am teaching and going about the everyday work, I can get lost in a routine of teaching.  It had been my  goal to get out of that and to really work to apply everything I say and do to the specific needs of the investigator.  This work is so important and cannot stop.  I love you guys so much and am so grateful for each of you.  God bless

Elder Pearson 

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