Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"We ate Jakare" (alligator) 2/13/12


So first off I just want to thank you guys for the package, and also thank the Dudleys for sending me a package.  It really is the nicest site to see a package in the mail for you.

This week was a really good one for us!  So the 'white wash' term can mean you open a new area, or take some other elders spots in an area.  The area was struggling pretty bad and hadn't seen too much going on in awhile.  But, this week really was a blessing from the Lord.  First off we got Danny.  He is 18 and practices soccer here for one of the clubs.  He is super cool and has I think the most desire I have ever seen in an investigator to learn more.  He is really smart and says he always feels better when he is at church or with the missionaries or with the Lopez Family (family in the ward).   He has really done well at recognizing the spirit work inside him to help him receive an answer.  The other night though, we had a quick, but super powerful lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He accepted the challenge to get baptized the 24th and is really excited about his decision.

Another investigator we have is Osvaldo.  He is 22 and is a really humble guy with not too much to his name.  He lives with a menos activo (less active) family and said he wanted to hear what we had to say.  He soaked it all up and the spirit really had an effect on him.  He is trying his best to give up smoking and has turned to the Book of Mormon in those tough times when he wants to smoke.  He told us that basically he either doesn't think about smoking, or just doesn't have any money to buy cigarettes.  He even went as far as asking us which songs were good that he could listen to, and the ones that weren't he deleted.  He is really cool. The only problem is the environment he lives in. His neighborhood is super ghetto and everybody is usually drunk or high, but he has tried his best to turn to the gospel, to stand with courage for what he believes.  He really is a stud, and a testimony builder for me.

Other than that it has just been a fun time so far.  Me and Elder Anderson are doing well and just trucking along.  The other day we ate Jakarè (alligator in Guarani). We had it milanesa style and it was actually super good.  It is nice in this area because we always have lunch citas. It is just funny how the poorest family in the barrio (neighborhood) always cooks the most delicious food.  I will be giving the district meeting this week on magnifying your calling. It should be a good one. Jacob 1:18-19 and 2:2 are some of the coolest scriptures I found on it. Sorry about no pictures. I promise I will send some next P-Day. I love Paraguay and I love my mission. I especially love my family and friends.  God bless you guys.  When Russ gets home give him, and everyone else, a hug for me.  Love ya!

Elder Pearson

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