Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Ya gotta thank God for challenges..." 10/29/11

Hey Everybody!!!

This week was pretty good towards the end.  Our area has been struggling and it has been really tough to find people to teach. We really are in the toughest area in the mission si o si.  But, ya gotta thank God for challanges cause it always makes you stronger.  So this week was tough, but yesterday was awesome.  We had a lesson with Gloria set up, but we went and she was not feeling well, like throwing up and stuff, so we sat outside with her sister who we had only talked to like one other time.  We started getting to know her and then she began to tell us her story.  Her husband died only a year ago and left her with three kids, one who was born after he died.  She told us after he passed away that she wanted nothing to do with anyone, to the point where she was about to commit suicide and just walk out into traffic and end it.  She then told us she felt an impression that she shouldn't. She said she heard a voice and it was his telling her that she shouldn't do it. She saw her husband in white telling her no, that she needs to keep going, keep fighting and that he is waiting for her and his kids.  It was a cool story and she really let it all out to us, even though that was like the first time we talked to her.  We then talked to her about the Plan of Salvation and it was a really spiritual lesson.

Besides that not too much has happened, just keep working in the field and office.  We got a new Secretario.  It's Elder Thomson.  He is a really cool guy and we are all getting along really well.  I love this gospel so much and am so grateful for all the love and support I receive from my family and friends.  I love you all and God bless.

Elder Pearson
It is always great to hear how all of you are doing.  Dad it sounds like work is good and busy and sounds like you guys are working hard as a stake in the obra misional.  Mom its good that you were able to go to Aspens and be there to support her.  Also I got a Christmas package from grandma already, and dont worry I wont open anything until Christmas, but just wanted to say thanks and that it got here.  I am so excited for Weston and Jamie to get to go to Trinidad.  The bake and shark is going to be delicious!  

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