Tuesday, November 8, 2011

She was looking for path to God 11/5/11

Mbae Te Kopoio,

This week was change week in the office so it was a little bit crazy here.  Actually, changes were on Saturday which never happens usually so today on our P-day, we didn't really get to have one. Ha.  But besides that the office is normal.  We had a great week though.  We found some really cool investigators.  We were walking around and all of our citas had fallen through, which stinks since around here in the chuchi area, contacts through intercoms don't usually turn out so well.  But, we were walking down a street and we both decided to contact this one house, just a normal contact.  We walked to the door, clapped it, and then we said we were representatives of Jesus Christ.  The girl said,  "Pasan pue," which never happens.  So we were in there and we started to tell of our purpose, and what we do as missionaries.  She and her sister said, "We have been looking for the true church of Jesus Christ, We go to Catholic church, but we don't always agree with what the priest says, and we can't always trust in just his words."  So, we began to tell them of who never lies, our Heavenly Father.  Then we asked why they let us in so easily or fast.  She said she read that same morning in the Bible that if someone is preaching good things let them come in and preach.  I will have to get the exact reference, but it was a cool experience.  Then I explained to her how it wasn't a coincidence that she read that scripture and that we were sitting in her house.  We invited them to be baptized and they accepted.  It was such a cool experience to see people who are searching the truth, literally looking for the path to God. 

Besides that things are pretty normal, just crazy office stuff and some good stuff going on in our area.  I love you all so much and am so grateful to God for blessing me with family and friends like all of you.  You have all played a role in my life, getting me out here on a mission. It is something I can never repay, and for that I am really grateful.  Thank you all for your examples and help that you have given to me.  I love you all and God bless.

Elder Pearson

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