Monday, November 14, 2011

A visit to the Chaco! 11/14/11

Hey Everybody!

This week was a pretty crazy week as far as office work goes.  We had changes and all the leaving elders, and also we had to pick up a finishing elder's family and they were not the easiest family to pick up.  Ha Ha.  We will just say that the people in the airport that day saw some Americans jumping around and yelling and screaming.  And the Ecuador soccer team was coming to the airport for a game the next day so there was way more people than usual.  We just had a lot of little jobs to do here and there, which meant it was tough to find a lot of time to work in our area, which really stinks. 

When we finally had some time to get out and work, it didn't go too well.  We had a couple investigators fall because of family problems.  Also we had a struggle with our best investigator Gloria.  She is going to move to España to work on Monday which really stinks since she set her date to be baptized on the 18th.  We are going to keep praying for her though and remember that the Lord works in mysterious ways.  I have learned how important our faith is in this work and how it makes or breaks the things in our lives.  With faith, big things can happen.

This week did have a good side to it though because on Sunday night we got to go to Filidalfia, which is the CHACO Ité.  It is straight heat and dust, and is full of Nivacle Indians which speak Nivacle.  Ta´a´kunash is como estas.  It is crazy to hear the different Indian languages here.  It was super fun because we went in the van, me, Elder Thornton, and Elder Christian.  We had a great time and snapped some awesome pictures out there.  I think the trip made me 'hizo mal' (feel bad) since I miss the Chaco so much.  It was so cool though.  We went to a place called Abundancia and were treated like angels. The people love us so much and I have never seen such humility.  We heard the Abundancia Choir and they were amazing, like they all did parts and everything and the craziest part is they were singing in Spanish and barely any of them speak it.  We all sat down with these huge carpenter ants hitting our sweaty faces and with all the little kids sat and listened to the choir.  It was awesome.
That's about it for the week.  I love you all so much, and it's true Mom, the scriptures are so necessary in our lives.  They are essential in guiding us and getting us back on the path to our Heavenly Father.
I got the Christmas package that you sent. Thanks so much, don't worry I won't open the wrapped stuff.  It is also insane to hear that Camden is tall enough to get on the coasters now.  That is awesome!  He is a stud.  Sounds like you guys had a good time with Aspen, and that Seminary is going well.
God bless you all and I love you all.

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