Saturday, August 20, 2011

Late night at airport...peanut butter is actually good here... 8/20/11

Hey Everybody!!!
First, I want to say Happy Birthday to Grandpa and to Justin!!

As far as the office and work is going, things are good.  With changes this last week it was a little crazy and there was a lot of stuff to do.  All the newbies luggage didn't get to Paraguay, so we had to go at 12:30 am and wait a couple more hours and then finally we got it and got home at about 2:30 in the morning,  Then we had to wake up early because we had to be in the office early for changes.  So kinda a crazy week.  Besides the office, we have some good investigators.  One named Romerino  is about 17 and is really shy, so it's tough to get him to come out and talk to us.  But, we played piki volley with him and he started getting comfortable with us.  He always comes to church too, so he must be liking something about the church.  Sports really can bring people closer together.  We have been working hard to leave the van and go tract and do a lot of street contacts.  We actually got into a heated talk with two girls the other day on the sidewalk.  They were saying really good things and we basically agreed on everything.  They just believe that all churches can lead you to God and Salvation.  They had to leave though and we didn't really get to solve a lot of their doubts, so that was a bummer, but I think we got some good points across that made them think.  We also found a new contact. I cant remember if I told you last week, but he is a recovering drug addict and we got to talk to his Mom, and meet with her.  They both have had really hard lives and she really wants God to be a part of his life, and that's why we are here. 
It is great to get your emails.  You are going to do awesome at seminary Mom.  The kids will love your lessons.  Also, to answer your question about  my Christmas package, I still have my Ipod, and I can get a lot of music down here so I'm ok with music.  I appreciate it though because without music I wouldn't be able to get through the day.  Ha.  You can send whatever you want though.  I am good with peanut butter too.  Actually, I tried it here and it is actually really good.  I don't know what the other missionaries are crying about.  Make it a surprise, it's more fun that way.
Besides that nothing really new has happened, but we are working hard and always have stuff to do here in the office.  I love you all so much and hope that all goes well this next week.  God bless.
Elder Pearson

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