Sunday, July 24, 2011

Transfer to Mission Office..........7/23/11

Hey Everybody,

So I am e-mailing you guys today, on Saturday, because I received a special change and it is..................... in the office. Haha.  I am the new "Fichero," or the guy who deals with all the numbers and baptismal registros.  I was honestly really surprised to be called into the office. I didn't really think I was the office type, but here I am.  Although I was a little bummed because we don't get to tract as much, at the same time the Lord wants me here for some reason, so I am going to learn as much as I can here.  I am also really excited to work closer with Presidente Madariaga and get to know him better.  The office is great, just constantly doing different things, like random stuff.  I also get to see more of downtown Asuncion which is cool.  It is a beautiful city and it really is a different experience here in the city than in the Chaco.  Our area is reallly "chuchi" and all the houses are enormous.  I haven't been to church yet, but tommorow we will see how it is.  I have already looked at the mission in a new light being here in the office and seeing President Madariaga work.  I am excited for what lies ahead.  It will probably be the toughest couple changes of my mission as far as the mental game goes, just because I am constantly in the office, barely out working, and you lose some gusto when you're not always preaching the gospel.  I also hope my Spanish doesn't struggle in here because we are almost all gringos.  So I left Mboi´y with Elder Condie and he should be having some good success because we had a lot of baptisms lined up.  Right now I am being trained by the old Fichero, Elder Short, and when he leaves I will be comps with the Cartero (guy who deals with the letters and mail). His name is Elder Thornton.  He came with me from the MTC and I actually sat next to him on the plane. I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me and I really want to get the most from this experience.  It might be the toughest changes of my mission and also the ones where I learn the most.  I love you guys so much and am so grateful for this opportunity.  I know the Lord put me here for a reason and I am ready and willing to give myself to him so that he can mold and shape me.  Nothing other than that has really happened I have just been learning how to do all the stuff here in the office. Oh yeah, I am going to get fat here because there are way too many good restaurants around.
Love you guys and God Bless.
Elder Pearson 

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