Monday, July 11, 2011

Having Success! Working Really Hard! 4/11/11

Hey everybody!!!

So first off I am glad to hear that all you guys had a good time at Nikki and Justin's and that Jamie's birthday was fun at Hurricane Harbor.  It sounds like the kids had fun in Utah too.  So as far as changes go........ I am staying here with my same comp, Elder Condie, which is ok. We are having a lot of success and we have been working really hard!  We should be having a baptism this Friday for Sebastian.  And we have been teaching a lot of good progressing investigators.  We have worked a lot with Griselda and Ricardo, a family with two little girls.  MeHA and Elder Gonzalez visited them back in my first change here in Mboi´y, but now Ricardo actually wants to hear the message.  He was an alcoholic and lost his job. We are working with the members to help him find a job because they have no money.  He said he wants to change his life and be a good support for his family.  He prayed to Heavenly Father and said that he received his answer that this church is the one that will help his family.  He said he knows it's true.  It was a cool spiritual experience and they are progressing extremely well.

We have also been working a lot with the Hermano Parades and he gave us a reference of his daughter.  She is a really smart girl and we commited her to pray and ask God if the message of the Restoration is true and if this church is the true church of Jesus Christ.  The Hermano Parades is such a cool guy, maybe my favorite member here.  He is such a good example of someone who is constantly happy living the way he knows he should.  His street is probably the worst street in my area as far as drugs and violence, and there is a crack house down the block from his house.  But even though he constantly gets offered alcohol and drugs, people respect him because he respects himself and keeps the Word of Wisdom.  All he wants in his life is to do what is right and have his son and daughter with him in the Celestial Kingdom and he knows that the only way that is possible is through doing what the Lord says.  He is such a great example.

A quote I really like from Joseph B. Wirthlin is, ¨Kindness is the essence of greatness, it is a passport that opens doors and fashions friends.  It softens hearts and molds relationships that can last lifetimes.¨  It is such a cool quote and is so true.  Kindness, something as simple as a smile can really change someone's day.  Being kind to other people really will bless your life more than theirs.  I promise.  I love you all so very much and know that this Church is true. I love my Heavenly Father and my brother, Jesus Christ. 

Elder Pearson

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