Thursday, June 23, 2011

May 16th

Hey Everybody!!!!!!
So this week was a good week and a stressful week.  First off it is good to hear that Dad is good and that he can see now. Ha. The technology we have now is nuts!  It is good to hear that Chase Naccarato got his call to Columbia. That is pretty cool!  It is crazy that it snowed. Hopefully all works out with camp and everything.  Mom, I will be praying that it does.   Okay so before I start talking about the week I was wondering if you guys have a copy of Jens Jensen's book, ¨History of a Scandinavian Mission.¨ It would be a cool book to have if you guys could get a copy that would be sweet. 
So basically this whole week we have been prepping Carlos for his baptism and working with some our investigators that have all come through reference, which in this mission hasn't been happening lately, so it is cool that our members are helping out.  It really is a huge part of missionary work and the work goes so much faster and better for the missionaries with the help of the members.  We prepared Carlos by finishing the lessons and giving him a white shirt and tie as a little gift.  He was really happy to get the shirt and tie. He had a huge smile!  Our Elders Quorum President was able to baptise him and having a member do it is the best thing possible.  It helps two testimonies grow and gives the person who was baptized an instant friend.  After his baptism we were in the room together with my comp, the Elders Quorum Pres., and Carlos and we asked him how he felt.  He said different.  He really did feel completely clean and knew that every sin was washed and gone away.  He is such a guapo and is gonna be such a strong member in this church.
After that nothing else too exciting has really happened this week. We have changes in another week already so I will probably be getting a new comp because E. Gonzalez has been here for awhile.  So we will see what happens.  Tune in next week to hear about E. Pearson and his new comp. I love you all so much.  It was awesome to be able to talk to you.
 you guys.  God bless you all and remember how much guidance and help are located inside the scriptures.  I know that they were written for our benefit and I have definately benefited from them.
Elder Pearson
Hey, so Mom I got the chocolate bars and Gs.  Thank you so much for the stuff.  I really appreciate it.

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