Wednesday, May 11, 2011

P-Day . . . May 9, 2011

Hey Everybody!!
So it was really fun to get to talk to you guys and hear that all is going well with you.  I think I told you guys pretty much everything.  Nothing new really happened.  Just today is P Day and we are going to buy some groceries and stuff.  So, I think I told you, but I will write it for everyone else.  We have a really solid progressing investigator named Carlos.  He is recovering from some things he did in his past and has really strong desires to change his life.  Yesterday, I was with him in the room where we have our baptismal font.  I was able to show him the font and right when I opened the doors he said, "WOW."  He then asked me if this was where all of his sins would be washed away.  I told him yes and that everything that has happened before that you have felt guilty for will be taken away and a weight will be lifted.  He had a smile and the spirit was really strong.  He has such a strong testimony and faith and he knows that he will be clean. 
After that nothing new has really happened, just working for the Lord, and I wouldn´t want it any other way .  I love you all so very much and am so grateful for all the love and support I receive from you.  I know the church is true and that we have such a great gift as members of this church to know about life, to know about what we need to do to be happy.  I love my family and hope you all had a great Mothers Day. God bless
Elder Pearson

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