Thursday, June 23, 2011

"love daily scripture study" June 6, 2011

Dear Everyone,
I am glad to hear that you were able to go down and help Aspen and the kids again before Russ left.  I am sure it was really sad,  Aspen and Russ and the kids will be in my prayers.  It sounds like everyone is doing pretty well though and that things are busy.
As far as this week goes it was not so hot. Literally it was cold outside and the work didn't go too well.  We have some good investigators and we got ito some more houses to teach, but it seems like no one is progressing.  Kinda rough, but no one ever said the mission was easy.  But we will keep working.  We have been working a lot with a lady named Griselda.  She is really great, but the only problem is her boyfriend.  She wants to be baptized but he doesn't want to get married.  We had been trying for weeks to talk to him because he is always working and never gets home until late and is usually a little drunk.  But, the Lord hooked it up and we were able to talk to him and Griselda when he was sober, and we had a really guapo member with us.  He doesn't know Spanish too well, Guarani better, so Abel (the member)  talked to him and basically bore his testimony of when he joined the church.  It was really good!  We then set up another time we can talk which won't be until next Saturday because he is always working.  We will see what happens.
Another member that we have been working a ton with is Pablo.  He is such a guapo and he always loves going out with us.  He has given us a ton of referances.  He was an inactive member that E. Gonzalez found before I came and then when I was here got married and his wife was baptized.  He is super active now and always has cool questions and cool dreams.  He said he had a another dream and it was him in a canoe with one paddle that was longer than the other.  He could see where he wanted to go in front of him, but as he kept paddling he just went in a circle.  We asked him what he thought and he said he honestly didn't know, but he will have to read his scriptures and pray about it to find out. 
After that nothing too much else has happened.  I am loving my daily scripture study and always find guidance in the scriptures. They are awesome!  Nothing makes me happier than having the opportunity to testify to someone of how they can become cleansed through Jesus Christ and receive eternal happiness.  I am forever grateful to my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  My brother.  I love you guys and God Bless.
Elder Pearson

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