Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Comp..May 30th

Hey Everybody,

It was so great to get all of your emails and hear from you guys.  I am glad you were able to go down again so that Russ and Aspen could go to the Temple and do a session.  I am sure it will be tough for him to be gone. I am so grateful to have a brother who serves our country and fights for the rights and freedoms that I have.  I am glad I have his email too, so I can write him.

So, we had changes and like I thought, I stayed and Gonzo left.  I am glad I was able to stay because I really like the people here.  They are extremely nice and work hard to help the missionaries.  My new comps name is Elder Condie.  He is from Utah and has about 3 changes left before he goes home.  This last week has been tough because the weather has gotten cold and Paraguyans hate water and cold.  So basically, not too many people will let us into their houses.  We tried and tried, but no one wanted to let us in or come outside. Ha.  But we had some good reference lessons and we are working really hard with Pablo the inactive member who married the girl who got baptised.  He is so guapo and loves the work.  All he wants to do is learn how to teach people the gospel so we try to bring him along as much as possible.  He is a really good guy.  After all of that, honestly nothing too much has really happened this week.  My comp and I have just been getting used to eachother and eachother's teaching style. I feel like my Spanish is getting better still and my thoughts are starting to flow a lot better now.  I attached some pictures of last change and the baptisms we had.  I put in the "Pilsen" one because people think my name sounds like it.  It's one of the big beers here. Ha.  I always tell people that my family owns the company.

We will see what the Lord has in store for this next change.  I am excited and ready to work.  I love you all so very much and honestly can't express how much I do.  I love my family more than anything and will be having Russell and Aspen and the kids in my prayers as well as all of you guys.  God bless.

Elder Pearson

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