Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Talked on Skype! Mothers Day 2011

We were able to talk to Chase over the computer using Skype.  What a treat!  He looked healthy, happy and totally into his mission.  The cyber cafe in the town of Mboi'y is usually closed on Sunday, but they were able to talk the guy into letting them in.  He and his companion, Elder Gonzalez, had the place to themselves...a tender mercy from the Lord.

Chase spoke some Spanish and Guarani for us.  He said the language is coming along.  The accents sounded good to me, but I am his mother who can't speak Spanish.  He told us that they don't knock on doors, they "clap" doors.  They stand in the doorway and clap to call people to the door. In this new area, the missionaries are fed more often by the members than in Yby Yau. He said, "Yes, the bugs are big, but you get used to them." Chase said he misses the physical labor acts of service that were so available in his last area.

It was a joy to see our son and feel his love for the work that he is doing.  We are thankful to know that he is where our Heavenly Father wants him to be at this time - and that he "wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

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