Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two hour bus ride to conference... 4/4/11

Mba`e ta kovio (How are you)

First I want to give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Alyssa!!!! Have fun in Australia!!!!

Wow.  Hawaii sounds like it was awesome!  That is so sick that you guys were able to enjoy God's creations and go on the heli and snorkle and stuff, so cool!!  Haha,  Aspen always comes up with great ideas.  She is so creative!  And that hike sounds like a blast, we should defenitly do it again.  

I was able to watch the Sunday Session of conference, but I didn`t get to catch the priesthood or Saturday Session and I didn`t understand the morning session too well.  Haha.  So this is how it went down.  Basically on Saturday we are too far away to go so we just decided to stay and work here.  Then, on Sunday we got up and met everyone at the Church - about 46 people! We all crowded on a bus that we rented and took the two hour trip to Pedro Juan.  Ha, we passed out Bollos and Empanadas on the bus and soda.  There were so many people because we tried to get as many inactive members there as possible, and a lot of people like to come just because it',s a free trip to Pedro Juan and free empanadas but regardless they all watched conference and hopefully felt the spirit.  But the morning session they had Spanish and English when we got there and basically we said that we need to have Guarani or else 70% of our group won't be able to understand and also the people from the Indian tribe were able to come which was amazing!  So we swapped the English for Spanish so I watched the first session in Spanish and it was tough to understand.  But for the next session everyone left and went back to Yby Yau and we stayed and watched in English.

A cool experience though was with the ex branch president here in Yby Yau.  He has gone through the temple and stuff, but is now drinking and not living the way he should.  He is a really cool guy and we always visit him.  We had a Men's night with BBQ and Jesus the Christ movie.  After he told us he really felt the spirit strong and wanted to come to conference, so he came and then afterwards I went up to him and asked him how it was and he said it was really good, very spiritual!  It was awesome so we will see where things go with him.

Let's see....... I fell off of my bike yesterday and went over the handlebars. haha.  Good thing I didn't get hurt, but it was a funny fall for sure.  Everything is good here. The language is still rough sometimes, but I can understand a lot. I just need to keep working at it.  The change is going to end at the end of this week so we will see what happens.  I love this area and Elder Sorensen so I would love to stay another change here, but we will see.

I love you all and God bless

Elder Pearson

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