Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ammon best example of missionary! 3/28/11


This week was a good one.  We had a training meeting in Concepcion with all the elders from there.  It was a good meeting and it helped with the missionary work.  Something I have noticed though is how many elders are only worried about their numbers.  I realize we record numbers for a reason, but sometimes it makes elders worry way too much about how they look compared to how the people feel.  I just think that as missionaries and as children of God we are striving each day to become more like Christ, and he loves everyone unconditionally.  I just want to look at my mission when I am back at home and remember the people who are now members of the church, the people who have strong, firm testimonies of this gospel and who are close to Jesus Christ.  I don't want to look back and think, "Wow that was a good week, I had 10 fechas (dates/apts)."  To me that is not a successful missionary.  It's like the story of Ammon. He is the best example of a missionary!  Ammon loved the people so much it was all he cared about.  He would have done anything to help them and gain their trust.

Nothing too crazy happened this week though.  I got a hat made of all leather!  It is soo cool.  This change is almost over.  The time is flying by so fast now it's crazy!  I am really excited for general conference.  It is going to be good.  I love you all so much and I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and my brother.  Something cool I thought of yesterday was that if we are all brothers and sisters, then how would you react if your brother or sister was hurting?  For example if your immediate brother was begging for money or didn't have a home how would you react?  You would help them.  So if everyone is our brother and sister, we need to help them.  I know it's something simple, but it was a cool thought to me.  I love you guys and hope all is well.  God bless.


Elder Pearson

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