Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1st transfer.................. April 11, 2011

¿Mba´e ta kovio?

It is good to hear that Russell is back and that the bird went back home.  That is a funny story about Cam and yes the general conference was in Guarani.  I am sure Alyssa is having a blast out there!  That sounds like fun that all you guys were able to be together.  Tell everyone that I give them my love as well.  Also congrats to Dad for the award.  Sounds like work is going well.

Everything is good.  It has been a week filled with a lot of different things.  So changes came and it looks like I will be leaving the great people in Yby Yau and Elder Sorensen.  I,m pretty bummed, I won't lie.  Everyone wanted me to stay and the Rama is really making huge progress, but I hear that's how it works.  Right when you are making progress you get changed out.  My new comps name is Elder Gonzalez. He is from Uruguay, but supposedly knows English really well, but regardless it will help my Spanish a lot.  My new area is called Mboi y, if that is how you spell it, which means water snake.  It is way closer to Asuncion and is really poor, like dirty poor, not like Yby Yau, but I am excited.  I am excited to start the next chapter to my mission.  We will see what water snake will bring!!! ha.  I will miss Elder Sorensen though.  We have really been good friends and we have both put in a lot of effort into the Rama (ward).  I know he will keep it going, but hopefully his new comp can keep up.

Besides changes the week was good.  We have two strong 13 year old sisters that want to get baptized on the 23rd of April.  We are working hard with them to make sure they understand what we are teaching.  They always shake their heads and say they understand but when we ask the questions they always give cloudy answers so we are going to maybe watch some movies with them and try and simplify things to make it easier.  It really is a lot to take in and completely understand.  As members we think it is so simple but really it can take a while to really get it.  

On Friday night, we were coasting on our bikes, (I ride mine like a skateboard because it only has one pedal haha)  but we were riding along and we saw this drunk guy in front of us and he was stumbling his way into a brush field basically he had no idea what he was doing.  Usually when we see a drunk guy we just pass by because they only lead to arguments and a mad drunk guy or a guy who gets way too close!  But this time without hesitation we both got off our bikes and picked the man up because he had fallen over straight onto his face.  It was one of those, what I like to call them, ¨what would Jesus do moments.  We sat him down and he told us he was trying to go to his house, but he had no idea where he was.  So I went to the dispensa while Sorensen talked to him in Guarani and I got him some bananas and water.  We had to convince him the water tasted good and we basically told him, CHUG CHUG CHUG!!!! He got it all down. After about an hour of walking him around asking people if they knew him we came to his house, tucked him in, said a prayer and left.  We talked to his exwife and she told us he is always drunk si o si.  We saw a huge pile of dirt and asked if we could help with something.  So the next day we came by and shoveled a ton of dirt, ha we were tired. The night before when we walked the drunk guy home, we walked for an hour looking for his house.  As we got him home and  walked outside, we realized that the first place we found him was, no joke, a 25 second walk away from his house! haha Ridiculous. But it gave me the strongest impression to remember that we are all children of God, even the Borracho on the street. Everyone deserves to hear this message.

We will see what happens with my new area and comp.  Hopefully all goes well.  Love you guys and God bless.

Elder Pearson  

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