Monday, April 18, 2011

NEW AREA...NEW COMP... 4/17/11

Hey Everybody!

It is good to hear that you all had a good time at the wedding and playing Settlers.  Hopefully, Grandpa eventually gets some rest from thinking up game stratagies.  It is good to hear that Joey's farewell was good. I am sure he is really excited to get out into the field and work.  That's awesome!

This week was a different one, having the new area and new comp, but it was good.  My new area is called Mboi´y, which means water snake.  My comp's name is Elder Gonzalez and he is from Uruguay.  He has been on his mission for awhile and goes home in August.  He knows English really well and is almost fluent, but I try and get him to speak in Spanish so I can practice my Spanish.  It is getting better, but now with the different area and voices that I am not used too, it got a little tougher.  The area is nice, but is way different than Yby Yau.  It was tough to leave that area and especially Elder Sorensen.  He is a good dude and a great teacher.

The area is about a two hour busride from Asuncion.  I am sure Sister Jones knows where it is because it is super close to San Lorenzo.  It is all embarcadero streets which kill the feet, ha, but no one said missionary work is comfortable.  The church is huge and we had almost 60 people in church on Sunday.  It is not the biggest branch in Paraguay, but it is a huge change from Yby Yau.  The ward is great though and it was kinda nice to be able to just sit through church not having to worry about blessing and passing the sacrament and giving a talk, but I loved it in Yby Yau.  I am stoked to get to know the people here in Mboi´y and to spread them the gospel.  We have a inactive member named Pablo who is going to get married to his girlfriend who we are teaching.  Hopefully, all goes well and they can one day go to the temple.  We have lunch citas almost everyday!  It's nuts.  It is nice to not have to worry about it sometimes, but I honestly enjoyed cooking our own meals.  We came up with some pretty good stuff.  Oh yeah, my comp is from Maldonado right outside of Montevideo.  I don't know if you know where that is Dad, just wondering.  

Everything is good here. I am just working and learning from my work.  We will see what comes from this new area and with the people here.  I love this gospel so much and have been really blessed with this chance to serve the Lord.  Sometimes we take it for granted, but then I remember that I need to use every minute that I have to spread the gospel because it will all end so fast.  

Oh yeah, Mom if you want some √Ďanduti stuff there is a ton of it here and I can get it custom made by one of the members.  Just tell me what you want.

I love you all so much and am so grateful for your love, support, and example. 
God bless.

Elder Pearson

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