Tuesday, March 15, 2011

P-Day Email 3/14/11

Hey Everyone!!!

I hope all is well in America.  I have heard about all the things going on in Japan and it is insane!  I heard something about a nuclear explosion because of the Tsunami in Japan.  I don`t know if Paraguayan news is something I should trust, but that's what the people have been saying.  I also heard that Michael Jackson is really alive, but I really don`t believe that one.  

Well this week has had some ups and downs.  Everyone it seems has been drunk this week.  We probably have had about 100 drunk contacts which are fun and good language study for me.  Since the political stuff has been going on here everyone parties hard!  As we were riding along in the street we saw a ton of people passed out on the street, everyone yelling MORMON!!!   They really know how to party here.  But now, all of the politics are done so everyone can calm down a little bit.  It is funny how corrupt the politics are here.   It's like your typical high school ASB election.  Whoever gives more wins.  Everyone just votes for whoever they can get food and money from.  I guess in a way it is how some Americans vote, but I don`t know, kinda crazy.  Anyways.

So we had the chance this week to go and see a reference.  His name is Anaclepto and he was outside sitting by a fire.  He came over and started talking to us, a little tipsy, no mas, and started to tell us his story and why he hasn't been able to come to church.  He is taking care of a 93 year old man who took him under his wing when he was little.  Anaclepto doesn't have a father, but this man was basically his father.  But now he is taking care of him.  The 93 year old man is bedridden and as we walked into the wood house, we could barely see him.  They don`t have any electricity and it was about 8 at night.  We then took out the cell phone and used the light from it to see him.  He looked exactly like a survivor from the Holocaust.  Someone who had been starving and literally dying.  As we asked questions, we decided to give him a blessing that he would be comforted and have peace that he could die and return home.  It was a very spiritual and sad experience.  Anaclepto was balling and was only trying to do his best.  The 93 year old man has no family that will come and help him and his one son that lives at the house, is a completely belligerent drunk that doesn't do or say anything because he is so drunk all the time.  We went back the next day and it turns out that the Lord had different plans for the 93 year old man because he was still alive and was talking and eating.  We will see what happens.  He says that when he is in a lot of pain that he sees evil dark demons above him that fly above him and make him want to close his eyes.  Hopefully he can pass on soon.  Sorry for this kind of sad story, but it was an experience that I won`t forget.

To kind of lighten the mood I can tell you about our P-day. So the night before we decided to go over to our Branch President's house and have some carne with some mandioca for his birthday.  He was so happy to be able to have something to eat because they are so poor.  They weren't going to have anything special so we decided to buy some meat.  It was a great night and we went back to the house, got some sleep and woke up to get on the bus towards Pedro Juan for P-day.  Haha. What we didn't know is that there is no bus til about 8:30 and we had district meeting at 9 and my comp is the district leader.  So we waited and waited and finally the bus came and so did 50 people.  We had no choice but to go because we have to use the ATM to get money out for the Rama (branch).  So we crammed on the bus bumpin into whoever was next to us.  Luckily it was not too hot.  But usually the bus only takes about an hour and a half, but of course today it took about two and a half hours.  And they don't have a limit for the amount of people they will squeeze in the bus so about every time we stopped we would all shuffle our feet as much as possible making another piece of space for someone else. Haha. Just a good memory to have.  But, we got to Pedro Juan and had a good P-day.

I know that through our faith anything is possible, that if we pray and ask with faith in our hearts that the Lord will give us what we need.  I am so grateful for that knowledge in my life and am so grateful for this chance that I have to use my priesthood.  I love you all and God bless.

Love Elder Pearson

Ok so for the questions first. Yes you can definitely send Zach the info and yeah he is in Korea teaching English.  Yes I use my Ipod and yes that food stuff was perfect. I would love some more.  My shoes are fine. I will for sure need some new ones eventually, but I will let you know when I do.  Also, I got that letter you sent with the jungle missionaries on it.  I got it yesterday, haha, and you sent it on the 31st of January.  Also thanks for sending the pants and sweater.

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