Thursday, March 3, 2011

"I was able to have my first baptism. It was an amazing experience, one I will never forget." March 1, 2011 Email

Machete in  hand on the trail to village of Santa Clara

House in Guarani village of  Santa Clara

"I love these people.  They are so awesome."

Elder Pearson and Elder Sorensen
Obviously they get along...
 Hey Mom!!!  Sorry I haven't sent my email until now. We have been working a lot and we have had meetings and stuff so we haven't had time until now.  But here it is!
Mbaé ta Kovio,  (How are you)

OK so for the questions. (haha) Yes we cook almost all of our meals except for every once in awhile.  I have had more lunch appointments on divisions than I have had in Yby Yau in two changes. But it's OK.  We usually buy some meat and cook it with rice or potatoes or mandioca. (root vegetable kind of like sweet potato)   But we have been trying to be more healthy so we have been having some fruit and yogurt now.  A lot of Top Ramen as well.

Sounds like everything is going really well with everyone in the states.  That is sooo awesome to hear about Joey´s mission call.  He is going to do so well in Idaho and is going to be an awesome missionary! Congrats Joey.  That is also a cool thought that my lacrosse number was carried on.  It's good to hear that all the kiddos can see better now. That is good news about Justin and Nikki moving into a bigger place.  Hopefully you guys can get out to Jersey to see Weston, Jamie and Connor for Easter and that is going to be awesome for Alyssa to go through the temple!  Sounds like everyone is A OK!!  

Sis. Jones Sunday School lesson sounds like it was awesome.  How could it not be.  She served in the best mission!  haha.  But it is sooo cool to read and think about the miracles of Jesus Christ.  It is cool to think that a lot of times he says let it be done by your faith and I think that is a reminder to us that in order to receive blessings we must have faith.  Especially in those really hard times.  I heard a quote once that said that we are truly blessed when the Lord brings us to our knees.  

This week has been awesome and we had changes this week.  I am staying here in Yby Yau for another change with Elder Sorensen and I am really happy about that.  We have gotten along really well and we are working really hard with this branch.  That is our main focus right now and we don´t even go do house contacts or anything, only support the Branch President and the leaders in the rama (branch). 
We also had the chance to go to Marcape (Santa Clara) again and I was able to have my first Baptism!  It was an amazing experience, one that I will never forget.  I baptized her in the river there and she was really happy.  Obviously I couldn´t really talk to her because she only speaks Guarani, but I know I will be able to in the next life and we can both tell each other about how we have blessed one another.  She blessed me with the opportunity to use the Priesthood power which is one of the coolest opportunities we can be given as holders of the authority from God.  It was awesome!!  We also were able to go to this man Felipes house. He lives about 15 KM away and lives with his wife and daughter and they all work on the farm.  He is a really humble man and always flashes his G´s to show us! haha It's awesome.  He told us about how he likes to take some time every once in awhile and pray in his fields.  He says it is easier for him to feel closer to God out there in his fields!  So awesome! 

So Yby Yau is like the Wyoming of Paraguay, a lot of farming.  We were able to help one of our members harvest Sesame!  It was a really cool experience. Basically you just go out with a machete, a cooler full of water for Terere, and start chopping.  It was such a sweet experience.  

That was my week and it was GREAT!!!
I have gotten packages for my b-day from you guys, Jamie and Weston, and I got Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas package last week.  Tell everyone thank you so much. It was perfect stuff and I will definitely use everything that was in it. 
Love you guys and I hope all is well.  God Bless

Love Elder Pearson.

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