Monday, February 21, 2011

It was steezy! 2/21/11


OK so first off I want to give a big Happy Birthday to my bro Weston, and a big Happy Birthday to my buddy Tyler.  Also I want to say thanks for the packages from everyone.  I got them today so we will see if I can hold out until my birthday.

 Mom, ya they gave me a filter water bottle in the MTC, but I don´t use it.  The water just gives you bad chivivis for a day and then you get used to it pretty much.  Yeah I print out some pictures and stuff. I will send you some very soon I promise.  Also our clothes are washed by our ropa lady every week. That is so awesome that you guys went to Disneyland. It looks like it was a good time and the kids look great.
This week has been pretty good!  We got to go to Santa Clara again and meet with the tribe.  We also got a call from Gabriel. I don´t know if you guys remember him but he is inactive.  He called us and said, ``I know that I need to go back to church.``  It was a really cool experience.  When Elder Sorensen and I went over to his house I could tell he felt the spirit and that he knew what he had to do.  We went back over to talk to them again because they are moving to Horqueta, but we went to see how they were and only his wife could talk to us because everyone was sick.  But, usually she doesn't like when we are there, but this time she seemed different.  So we sat down and sang ``I know that my Redeemer Lives`` in Guarani and it sounded steezy!!!  Like we just threw a bucket of the spirit on this woman.  It was solid.  After we finished, she had tear filled eyes and she said ``I por´a `` (good)  and I knew that she felt the spirit super strong.  She lives at the top of this hill we have to ride up and we always go for our last visit of the night.  So after we finished and had the spirit within us, we enjoyed an awesome cruise down the hill to our house with no pedaling and a shower and bed waiting for us.  It was a good end to our night. 

At times in this area I have become a little discouraged, because of the fact that we haven´t baptized anyone, but then I realize that our main focus right now for this area is to rebuild this rama with the inactive members that live here.  I remembered something that I told myself before I came to the field and that was that I don´t want to create baptisms. I want to help create active members of this church who have truly gained a testimony of this gospel for themselves.  There are way too many members in Yby Yau that don´t have a testimony of this gospel and that is why Elder Sorensen and I are here.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord here in Yby Yau and to learn Guarani and Spanish.  I love the feeling I get knowing that someone else felt the spirit of God.  There is nothing better than helping people come closer to Jesus Christ and I am so grateful for this chance I have here.  I love you all very much and am so grateful for each of you, especially my family.  You guys are awesome!  God Bless.
Elder Pearson

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