Monday, February 14, 2011

"I love the scriptures..." 2/14/11

Mbi la porte!!!!! ( Hello how are you)

Going to the Indian tribe was a really cool experience and we went back again last week and we get to go back again this Thursday!!!!  I love the picture of everyone, you all look great and all the grandkids are super cute. 

So this week was good. We had 21 people in church and about 7 of those were inactive members.  We are working really hard and basically focusing a lot on inactive members here in Yby Yau.  Since the elders that were here before us baptized everyone and their mother even when people didn`t have a testimony or know anything about the church, we have a ton of inactive members.  We are also focusing a lot on the priesthood because we want this rama (ward) to strive and grow.  It is cool. I like to think of our rama like the one on the movie Other Side of  Heaven.  haha I know it's way different, but it is cool to have the opportunity to build it up.

We had Zone Conference this week in Asuncion which was good.  We talked a lot about working with members and about boldness when we teach.  Me and my comp went to his old area in Asuncion and we had dinner at one of the chuchiest (richest) houses ever.  The family all spoke perfect English and he works in the American Embassy here.  It was a huge house and we had really good food and chocolate cake with milk!!!!!  It was insanely good.  It rained this whole week which means no one is around.  Paraguayans are afraid of water so they all just go inside and sleep.  I love this work so much.

One thing I have become so grateful for while serving my mission is the opportunity that I have to read my scriptures every day and actually ponder and think about how they apply to my life and the lives of those I teach.  I love the scriptures and I have gained such a strong testimony of them while here on my mission.  I barely ever read them before my mission and I regret that because I now know how much guidance and help I receive from reading the scriptures.  They are the words of GOD, and those words are special to me.  I love this gospel and am so grateful for my family and for the support and love they give me.  As well as my ward family and friends.  You guys are awesome.  Love you and God bless.

Elder Pearson.

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