Monday, January 17, 2011

JAN. 17, 2011 P-DAY EMAIL

Hey Everybody, I hope everyone is doing well! Paraguay is great!  So first off I can talk about changes.  I am staying for at least another change in Yby Yau, which I am excited about!!!!!  When I first got here my comp Elder Gage told me that he had another 6 months but he is actually going home!  He told me that so that both of us wouldn`t get trunky.  I think it is pretty funny.  I am a little nervous about a new companion though.  I am afraid I could have a Macanero (bad missionary) for my next comp, but we will see!  The work in Yby Yau is actually picking up and we have had some really good investigators.  We have this investigator Cynthia and I am pretty sure she is going to get baptized.  She has a fecha (appointment) for the 5th of February so we are going to have to teach her quite a bit before then.  The language is getting a little better and I can understand more. Talking is still rough, but it will come.  That is good that all went well with church and things.  It sounds like all the fam and everyone is doing really well.  That is super cool about Jordan. He is going to do great on his mission.
Ok so not a lot of crazy stuff happened this week.  Oh, to answer your question Mom. Yeah we have a keyboard in the church.  We had 3 investigators last Sunday and our inactive Branch President came which was really cool.  Ok something nuts that happened!  So me and Elder Gage were walking to one of our appointments and it is kinda a far walk and we always have to go past these four houses that have tons of girls outside and always has loud music playing.  We are pretty sure that it is a prostitute house.  We were taking a picture from super far away so that the girls couldn´t see us, but one of them spotted us.  Then while they were screaming at us to take a picture of them, we looked over and WE GOT MOONED!!!!!!  And then when we got to our cita (appointment), the guy told us that they were leaving to go to their church. It was kinda awkward.
Besides getting mooned by Paraguayans, everything is going great.  I will miss Elder Gage because I learned a lot from him and he was a great trainer.  I hope I can feel the same about my next comp. FINGERS CROSSED!!!
Love you all with all my heart.  God Bless,
Elder Pearson

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