Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Email didn't come Monday! Mom freaked until it showed up Tuesday 1/25/11

Hey Everybody!!!

Thanks to the Young Women for your package.  It really means a lot!  I know the people I give those books to with those testimonies will feel the spirit!

I hope all is going well in the US.  Things are great here in Paraguay and still nice and HOT!!  My new companion's name is Elder Sorensen.  He is from Salt Lake and is a really cool kid.  He has about 5 months left on his mission and is going to finish it here in Yby Yau!  He knows Guarani really well and that is why he was sent out here.  It is insane because he can teach like whole lessons in Guarani.  I think we are going to do really well here and one main thing that the President wants us to work on is the priesthood here.  We are going to be doing a lot of contacting and going out to some farther areas to find people.  It will be cool!  

So as for this week, we had changes and that took up some time because I was in Pedro Juan for awhile.  I was with three different comps this week and just worked in three different areas while I was waiting for my companion to come.  But we had a lot of people in church last Sunday and it went really well.  We  sang I Need Thee Every Hour in Guarani which was pretty cool.  Elder Sorensen brought his guitar and we both sang it during our break before Sacrament Meeting.  It went really well.  We also decided to check out what is behind our house, since it is really thick jungle.  We walked for probably 10 minutes and had to cross a river, but eventually we found some houses!  They all spoke Guarani and it was funny because they were already members like everyone else in Yby Yau.  Adilson (a 21 year old member) showed us a way to get into this really cool open field and we took some good pictures.  Oh, I  also ate some cow tongue the other day.  It was pretty good, just a weird texture thing. It literally feels like you are chewing your own tongue, but it was not too bad.

We also went to visit Gabriel.  He is not active anymore and is really prideful.  He doesn´t like our church because we don´t give him enough money but what he doesn´t realize is that we give him eternal life and happiness.  But we went to visit him and he was playing the guitar and piano with his kids.  Elder Sorensen got onto the piano and started playing.  Then  he asked what his favorite hymn was and he started playing and everyone got completely silent.  He is really good at the piano and everyone in the room was feeling the spirit.  Then the song ended and Gabriel was a little teary eyed and just said that it was sooo beautiful.  But he then changed the subject quickly and started to play a polka.  But regardless, I could tell he felt the spirit and that he missed it in his life because they have been inactive for about 2 years now.  I think that with time he will eventually come back and want to feel his Savior's love more abundantly in his life.  

Nothing else too exciting has happened this week, but I know that it will be a good week.  We are going to work really hard.  The language is still tough though.  I know it will come.  I do see a little progress so I hope it will click soon!  We will see. I still haven´t gotten the package from Grandma and Marge, but I am sure it will come. 

I love you all so much and am so grateful for all of your support and love.  God bless each of  you and I hope all goes well in this next week.

Elder Pearson

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