Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2nd Preparation Day - Oct. 19th

Good to hear that the temple was good and that everyone could go.  We have had the chance to go to the temple here and it is a cool temple.  Because of some stupid irresponsible missionaries, they cancelled Temple walks, so now we can't get outside on Sunday, it really is a bummer.  The Spanish is getting better but still needs way more work.  There is just so much to learn and so little time.

My comp sings and plays the ukelele like a champ.  No, I'm not taking lessons from my companion.  No time.  Our Branch President is cool with the ukelele though.
Everyday it feels good to put on my nametag and know that I am a servant of the Lord, bringing his children back to him.  It feels like everyday that I dress up in shirt and tie, I am dressing up for battle or putting on my armor.  It is a good feeling!  The spirit is so strong here and I love feeling it so much.  I have been learning a lot and it has been really amazing.  We had a guy from our District go home because he had things he needed to take care of, and it sucked because we were really connecting.  But I know he made the right choice and I respect him for his honesty and faith in the Lord.  I love this gospel and can,t imagine my life without it.  Our Zone leaders and their District left this last monday and we had a signing and testimony meeting for them before they left and it was really spiritual.  All of the edlers who bore their testimonies spoke so strongly about how if any of us were thinking of going home, don't!!  An elder was telling us that people are waiting for us and it is true.  I know that there are Children of God waiting for me to tell them of the word of God,  so that they can return to live with him.  I love you guys so much and pray for you every night.
Elder Pearson

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