Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Preparation Day in the MTC - Oct. 26, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad,
Things are going good here at the MTC.  Dad, the language is going well, just a lot of memorization.  I went to the tutor they have here and he really helped me so me and my comp are going to try hard to go every week.

My schedule goes like this:  I wake up at 6:30 unless I want to shower, then 6, and brush my teeth and all that good stuff. Then we go to breakfast either in the cafeteria or, if we have gym or service, then we go to another one where we don't have to dress up.  After breakfast we usually have class or MDT which stands for Missionary Dedicated Time.  Then, we do that for pretty much the whole day besides when we are being taught by the teachers.  Basically we practice everything we have learned and study more with the lessons and especially the language.  In between all of that I have gym and lunch and dinner.  We also have TRC which is where we do the fake investigator situations.  Then at 9:25 we come back to the residency and get ready for bed, play a little ukulele and go to sleep at 10:30.  Every Tuesday is my P-day and we do laundry, eat, write and they have a devotional every Tuesday for all the missionaries.

So that is my schedule.  Pretty packed, but it is fun and I have been learning so much here.  I wrote you guys a letter with some pictures in it and I'll be sending it today.  I also sent everybody else a letter too.  We have two kids from our district leaving for the Dominican Republic MTC on Thursday.  It is so exciting and I'm a little jealous they get to leave "Alcatraz."
I love this Gospel and it truly blesses my life and I am grateful for those blessing that I have.  We had a devotional from Russell M. Nelson and it was really good. He talked about missionary work and how we will be blessed for our efforts now.  We were able to watch the Restoration on Sunday and I love that movie!  It is such a spiritual movie and I almost get overwhelmed when I watch it.  One quote that i liked from that movie was in the end it said, "Joseph Smith lived and died for the cause of truth."  I just thought it was really cool because he fought for the Lord to declare his word which is the truth, and that is what I am preparing to do, to fight this battle against the devil.  I love this Gospel and I love you guys. I hope all is well and that it doesn't get too cold there.
Elder Pearson
Later that day...
Hey, I have three extra minutes to email so I thought I would use them.  We just did a session at the temple and it went really well.  We came outside and it was snowing!  It was pretty crazy.  My throat is hurting but I am going to take some Echinacea and stuff and see if it helps.  I love you guys and just wanted to use all the time I had to talk to you and let you know how things are going. Tell everyone at church that I said hello.  I love you guys.
Elder Pearson

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