Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Marbles Tournament Hopefully Unites Members 6/25/12

Hey Everybody,
Sorry this is going to have to be a quick one because my computer was acting up here in the 'cyber' and now we don't have too much time. It sounds like things are going great back home.
Everything is good, a little bit of a tough week, but patience is really playing a role in the work here in Yvera. We are working hard to get to know a lot of the members and to visit lots and lots of less active members to try and get the ward going again. It was pretty dead when we got here, but I think it is going to be going strong by the time we leave. We really have some great ideas of how we can help give the ward a boost. We are thinking about doing a balitas (marbles) tournament. We really want the ward to be united here and they have not done an activity here in a long time. Everyone plays marbles so we figured it would be something fun for everyone to do.
This next week should be good. We are really going to push hard with our investigators. I was able to have a mini interview with the President while we were in the office for something. I just asked if we could talk. We talked about the work and then I asked him about some new areas he is opening up. He is thinking about opening a lot of new areas. I would love to open one up and maybe train for my last 2 changes here in the beautiful land of Paraguay! Sorry this is so short. I love you guys a ton and hope all is well.
Elder Pearson

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