Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Nothing is more comforting than to know..." 4/25/11

Howpay (what's up)!!!!!

It sounds like Weston's and Jamie's was a blast.  I wish I could see Connor.  He is so cute in all the pictures.  I am glad you guys got Jamie to go on a Roller Coaster. haha I heard that Kingda Ka is like one of the fastest and highest in America. It's good you guys got to see eachother and all of Jamie's family!  The picture without info, the man on the moto, was our Branch President in Yby Yau and that river was like 2 minutes from our house in Yby Yau.  As for advice to Nikki when she has her wisdom teeth out, don't be embarrassed about what you do when you're drugged up.

So first, I want to say Happy Easter. Sorry I am a little late on that one.  Here they call it the Semana Santa (Holy Week), yup a whole week of Easter.  But, the tradition here is to have chipa and sopa, both really dry snacks and filling snacks.  Almost every house we went into we would get offered chipa or sopa or both.  So Paraguay has some crazy mythical beings, like Bigfoot in the states, or bloody mary, except for here they belive in them so much that they teach about them in school.  One of our members said that she was outside and saw the luiso ( a man that turns into a vicious dog at night).  She said she took her gun out and shot it twice in the back of the head, but it shook off the shot and ran away. Kinda crazy!  

We also made our way as a district to the Jardín Alemán, a restaurant here in Mboi´y.  We went for Elder Kendell's year mark. It is a German hotel place.  It was pretty expensive, but it was really good.  All you can eat and they had tons of different stuff.  It was good.

We also had a baptism this week and a wedding.  Her name is Carolina and she and her now reactivated husband were married and she was baptized.  It was a cool experience especially because he is now reading like no other and asking some different questions.  They are both doing really well and I think we will be able to get them to the temple someday.  Today we watched Charly as a district and I dont think I have ever cried with 4 dudes in a movie before.  It was good though, just really sad.  

I also gave a talk in Sacrament meeting and justo! It was about the song you shared Mom.  I talked about the atonement and especially about the story of Jesus Christ in Gethsemane.  I read in Matthew 26 about when He goes to pray and the words that are written to describe what he was going through.  I don't have my scriptures at the computer, but it says how He felt sorrowness and heaviness, how he was on the verge of death from the feelings He was feeling.  And that He walked a tiny bit and fell onto his face because of the greatness of what He was feeling.  It is crazy that I had never realized the power of the words in those verses.  I think it really shows how strongly He was taken over by every sin.  Obviously we will never be able to understand completely what he felt, but it gives us a glimpse and helps us realize how grateful we should be for what he did.  I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and that because of it we can repent of our sins and become completely clean of the things that we have done.  Nothing is more comforting than to know that we can have a clean slate and that I can baptize these people holding the authority from God and that they can be washed clean.  It is such an amazing thing to know and we should all use it in our lives or we will be wasting it.  Christ's suffering makes me think of practice.  For every ball that you shoot or lap you run or drill you do, you are sacrificing your time and effort so that you can use it when you need too, like in the championship game overtime 30 seconds left.  If we don't use  the atonement we will be wasting the most precious gift that we have been given.

I love you all so much and know that this church is true and that Jesus Christ lives.  God bless each of you.

Love Elder Pearson

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