Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Email of 2011...Mon. Jan. 3rd

Hey Everybody,
It sounds like Christmas was really fun.  That is so sad to hear about Jamie's Dad. :(   It is good that Mom is able to go out there so that Jamie can go to the funeral.  I will be praying for her and for her family to have comfort at this time.  The pictures you sent were great. Connor is sooo cute and I love all the pictures of you guys.  I especially love the picture of everybody at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning and how Camden is not looking at the camera, just downstairs at the Christmas tree and goodies.  It sounds like you guys have had some crazy past weeks.  I sent some pictures, just goofy ones of the house and kitchen, one of Elder Whimberly from the MTC, and some of what we ate on Christmas and New Years.  We made mashed potatoes and bought a chicken. It was soooo good!  So remember that night club next to us?  On New Years Eve we knew that it was probably going to be open, but it literally went from 10:30 at night until 6:30 in the morning, and for those of you who don´t know that's the exact time we go to sleep and wake up! But tranquilo. 

ASPEN HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY.  I want to send a letter, but it won´t get to you for like 4 weeks.  LOVE YOU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Last week in church we had 14 members show up which was a good turn out.  We have an investigator, but she doesn´t understand too much Spanish, mostly Portuguese, but my comp is doing his best.  We have been getting into quite a few houses, just no one really wants to hear the rest of our message or do the work to come closer to Christ.  Because of the holidays everyone gets drunk so we had a ton of people ask us who we were and tell us they wanted to hear our message. Ha Ha.  Everything is going good. The language as usual is rough, but OJALA (With hope) I will learn it eventually.  I have been picking up more and more Guarani though which is cool, but it's a tough language.  Oh yeah, and today I found Barqs Root Beer and A&W which was awesome!  Well I love you guys so much and please tell Jamie and Weston that they will be in my prayers as well as Jamie's family.

Elder Pearson

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