Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad,
I know!  ONE MORE WEEK.  Actually 6 more days!  I am so excited to get to Paraguay I can't even belive it is so close.  Thank you Mom, I know that the Lord will guide me through my worries.  It sounds like Dad is really enjoying his calling! That is awsome.  From being at the MTC I have come to know how important mission leaders are and I will probably realize it more when I get to Paraguay. 
I also met the 4th missionary to come out of Jordan (the country) and he was the coolest guy ever.  His english was not very good, but I sat and talked with him for the whole lunch time. I also heard that a lot of people get their watches stolen in Paraguay so I might be needing a really cheap one soon.  I will let you know. I forgot my Itinerary, but I will write you guys a letter before I leave so that you can know when I will call in the airport. We have a 3 hour layover in Texas so it will probably be then.  We don't have a 13 hour busride like I heard either. We go on a plane from Buenos Aires.  I will be looking for the package before I leave.  Thank you guys so much for it.  That story about the kids at Magic Mountain made me laugh, especially that Alyssa almost threw up (haha).  I miss those guys so much.  I'm sure Thanksgiving was fun and its ok Mom, I never win at Settlers either!  Hopefuly the roads were not too scary for everybody.
Things here have been good.  It is weird to think that we are the oldest district in our zone now!  Thanksgiving was amazing here!  Elder Holland came and talked and he is an amazing speaker, especially when it involves missionary work.  He talked about how we cannot leave the Savior alone and how we must help him bring Gods children back unto Christ.  I will write more about it in the letter, but now I am just trying to get everything down.  We did a service project and made 34,000 bags for kids in different countries for school.  It was a fun activity.  The food was not too bad.  I mean obviously it's still cafeteria food, but it was better than I expected.
I am sure Adam Jones gave a great talk in church.  He is such a spiritual man and has always been able to brng the spirit into meetings so strongly.  I have been feeling better.  I don't know what I had, but it was really annoying.  I got some stuff at the health center and I am good now.  I just want to make sure I am completely clear for Paraguay.  My companion and I had to go to the ER, for him not me, but his chest was acting up and the doctor said he had to go to the ER.  Everythihng was fine, but he is just taking medicine and if things don't get better he won't be able to leave on Monday.  Kind of a bummer.  I will write you my part for Christmas Eve in a letter just because I dont want to be rushed when I write it.  I love you guys so much and am so grateful for this opportunity to serve my Heavenly Father.  I can't wait to go to Paraguay and meet the amazing people there that are waiting to hear about the restored Gospel and a Heavenly Father who loves them.  Ok got to go.
Elder Pearson


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