Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November 23rd Email

Dear Mom and Dad,
First off thanks for the Thanksgiving package and I think I remember you saying I could open that when I got it, just not the Christmas one coming later.  Thank you so much for the cookies. I really appreciate them so much.  They were really good and I enjoyed the letter as well.  Ok so this week has been really good.  I told you about my friend Tanner Webster who was in here. He left for Austrailia yesterday, but you will never guess who I saw.  Ok so every Wednesday we get new missionaries and our dinner time is when they all come in and eat for the first time. So, I was sitting down and Nicholas Ellis walks in and we both catch eachothers eyes and gave eachother a huge hug.  It was so cool to see him! He was asking how you guys were and said he loves you guys.  He is serving in Alabama and is speaking English!  I will have to take a picture with him before I leave, but I was so excited when I saw him.
I am sure Aspen and Russ's will be great. I wish I could be there, but am so happy to be here too.  Thanksgiving should be good.  We get to hear from an Apostle and do some type of humanitarian preoject and there are just a lot of programs.  I am excited to have a day that is different from the rest.  Yeah, my companion is going to Paraguay with me.  He sent in for his visa really late so I dont know if he will get it in time, but he should.  That is so cool about Ben coming home. Kristen is really excited!
I love the snow and this time of year so much.  It is so pretty outside and iIdon't know how someone could deny there is a God after looking outside.  I am soooo excited to go to Paraguay!  I seriously cannot describe how excited I am!  We are all going to get our travel itineraries this week, most likely on Friday!  I learned a lot in this past week about how focusing on the spirit and how the doctrine is most important.  At the beginning of last week I realized that I only have three weeks left, so I became extremely worried about the language. We have a "progressing investigator" here who is a teacher.  She told us that when we taught she didn't feel anything because we were too worried about the language and not about bringing the spirit in! It was kind of a slap in the face, but it made me realize that we need to stop worrying about the language and more on the spirit because the spirit is what brings people closer to Christ.  I am sure I will speak a lot of Guarani in Paraguay.  I have heard from a lot of people who's older brothers have gone there that they needed to pick up a lot of it and it really helped in some areas.  
Once again I am sick, but it's ok, just a sore throat. It should end soon enough.  I swear missionaries parents didn't teach them how to not cough on other people and that you need to WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER YOU USE THE BATHROOM!!!!  I won't lie, the MTC is an extremely spiritual place, but at the same time it can be pretty disgusting.  I just want to be better before Paraguay! So hopefully this goes away soon.
I can't wait to get more pictures of Connor.  I love you guys so much and love this gospel.  I don't know if I already shared this scripture with you but in D&C 138 there is just a lot of cool stuff that makes me feel special and should make us all feel special!  I love you guys and hope all goes well with Thanksgiving. I will be letting you know when I can call you before I leave for Paraguay.
Elder Pearson

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