Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 16th Preparation Day - 3 weeks left in MTC

Dear Mom and Dad,
  I actually got some letters from the young men in the ward and it sounds like they are all doing well. They sent me some stuff and said they are really enjoying your Mission Prep classes.  I am going to write them back asap.  I seriously cannot believe I am out of here in 3 weeks.  I cannot wait, to be honest.   I love the MTC, but I cannot wait to get to Paraguay.  The spanish is ok. I am pretty nervous though,  I am not going to lie, but the Lord will provide!  I got a Book of Mormon in Guarani!  It is so cool to read!
Ok so the MTC is great. We have had 4 Apostles in a ROW!! and tonight is the next one so we will see what happens.  It was cool last Sunday, we had Sister Dew from Deseret Industries and she talked to us about D&C 138 and how it applied to us.  We also had Elder Bednar and his talk was amazing!  He told us that everything is in the Doctrine, Principles, and Applications.  It was a really good talk and I liked how he said when you answer questions, to answer them with scripture or with doctrine and not just the easy answer.  Basically take any opportunity you have to teach someone.  Being the District Leader is good.  I will be honest though it is kinda just more meetings and stuff to go to, but it’s all good!  As a District we are each going to write our testimonies in Books of Mormon and in Libros de Mormon for people on the plane.  I love you  and will be writing you a letter today. I hope all is well.
The MTC and my mission have made me doubt myself at times, even only the 6 weeks I have been here, but I have relied on the Lord to get me through the tough times.  I know I am where the Lord wants me to be. 
 I will let you guys know when Ican call and all of that.  Thank you for the packages and stuff and I won’t open the Christmas one I promise.  Hopefully I know which is which.
I love you and I’m grateful for your example and your spirit. 
Elder Pearson

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