Monday, January 31, 2011

P-Day Email 1/31/11

Hey Everybody!!!!

Sounds like all is well back in the States!  So I heard that Justin Beiber sang at the Super Bowl and that the Steelers won. That's kind of a funny music selection but whatever.  SO this week has been pretty nuts!  A lot of different things have happened.  To start, my companion was a bike racer before his mission so we use the bikes a lot which I like!  I love using them. We can get around a lot faster and meet a lot more people.  So we started out with having a lunch cita (appointment) at Lorenzas house which was good food. We had beans and rice and sopa wassu which is like cornbread kinda, but better.  So we had that and it was a hot day, like really hot and then we went all the way over to the other side of the town.  We visited with this lady who made us some Barykuja juice which is like passionfruit I think. Usually it's pretty good, but this time she put in a ton of sugar and I think the fruit was a little old.  She made a lot and kept pouring us glasses to the brim.  Eventually we finished all the juice and made our way to President's house.  The Branch President lives about three miles away so we biked there and as we were going, the juice hit me HARD!  My stomach was killing!  So we actually gave some blessings at his house because his kids have been sick and then we headed back to our house.  I was feeling horrible and took a shower and fell into bed.  At about 1 in the morning I woke up and couldn't take it anymore so I got into the shower and just let it all out.  I threw up everywhere, but I felt like a new human being.  I felt waaaay better and I got a good nights rest.  Then the next morning we got to do some service and were able to help this 21-year-old guy harvest peanuts.  It was crazy. I honestly never would have thought that I would be harvesting peanuts in Paraguay.

We also had our noche de rama (ward night) and we showed them how to make smores.  It was really funny because we told them it was what we make when we go to the mountains because they don't understand camping. They loved them though and it was a really good activity.  I also gave my first two blessings.  Usually I just annoint the oil but this lady wanted me to give it.  It was a cool experience and I really enjoyed it. Even though it was kinda tough and a little slow, I was able to say what I wanted to and gave a good blessing.  Then about an hour later someone else needed a blessing and I gave that one and it also went well. 

So overall the week was really good.  The Spirit is so strong here with Elder Sorensen.  He has a taught me a lot already and I know I will learn so much from him.  One thing we have been focusing on a lot here is the Priesthood because our branch has none of it.  We are working hard and things are going well.  Connor's pictures were really cute!!  I love it here and I love my mission.  I love you guys and am so grateful for this chance that I have to bring these people close to Christ.
Elder Pearson

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