Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday, Dec. 20th Email...

Hey Everybody!!!!

Sounds like things are going well in California.  Here in Yby Yau, IT IS HOT!  Like seriously, ridiculous and the humidity does not help, but I love it here. It is awesome.  I have been soaking up some sweet rays and have a pretty solid bronze going on so that’s a plus from the sun.  I got your pouch letter first I think, but I don´t know because I don´t have the letter with me right now, but I can tell you when I talk to you guys on the phone.  That was crazy too hear about Valadi. I hope all goes well with him.  He will be in my prayers for sure.  It is crazy that Christmas is right around the corner.  It sounds like the Christmas spirit is strong in California which is good.  That is so cool that Dad and Sister Jones were in Pedro Juan.  It is an awesome area!  It is seriously right on the border and it is crazy.  Today we actually saw some elders serving in the Brazil mission on the street.  That is so funny about Ashlynn, I think she is strong enough to ride the scooter.

 Alyssa, that is so awesome about your service to those families.  We have really been blessed with great Christmases.  So, on Christmas I think I am going to come to Pedro Juan and then we are going to come back to Yby Yau on Christmas night, and that is when I will probably call you.  Oh and I heard I might be able to Skype you guys!! But, only if there is an open cyber place on Christmas in Yby Yau.  I will let you guys know.  My comp is great and we are working really hard.  We get along great!  Dad that is awesome about the “White Christmas.” It would really be a great accomplishment for those missionaries and members there.

So the work in Yby Yau is really slow.  But we are working really hard here.  Last Sunday we had 12 members in Church,  but no investigators, which kinda sucked, but members are good because a lot of them are inactive in Yby Yau.  So we are working with this RM she served in the south mission and has been really helpful in our area. Elder Gage and I  went to clean the church on Saturday night and when we walked in it was already cleaned, like really well and it was her.  It was awesome.  O yeah, and our church is an old house.  It’s cool, but really small.  So something crazy that happened in church. So Paraguayans for some reason think that new missionaries should understand and speak the language after a week or two in the country ha-ha.  As Elder Gage was teaching the lesson in Sunday School, he asked me to share an experience and I tried to get it out the best I could.  While I was struggling a lady butted in and started going off on me and Elder Gage.  She was saying that we need to speak more Spanish with each other and we can´t speak in English in front of them, which we never do, and it was really funny because I had no idea what was going on.  Eventually someone said we can talk about it later, so Elder Gage could finish the lesson.  It was a really awkward meeting, especially because I then had to give a talk in Sacrament meeting and obviously my Spanish isn’t good so it was just awkward, but whatever.  It is just kind of funny because my comp said they do this to like every new elder! 

Besides the language problem, we are just working really hard on getting members to church.  There are like 200 members in Yby Yau, but no one goes to church because they are all in-active.  The missionaries that baptized all of them baptized people without them knowing what they were doing and they baptized people that hadn´t gone to church and it was kinda bad.  So, we are just trying our best to get members to church.  There is a guy named Victor that we want to talk to because he is such a solid guy.  He knows a ton of people and owns a little restaurant thing here.  Which when someone works in Yby Yau, it is a big deal because barely anyone works.  So we are going to work really hard with him.  He makes really good food, especially sopa which is this warm bread stuff.  It’s bomb!  Sorry I forgot my camera to send pics but I promise next week I will.  We have just been working really hard and I think we will start seeing success.  I am still losing weight here but, every Sunday when we go into Pedro Juan for P-day, we go to this really Chuchi (rich/nice) house and they feed us sooo much food it is awesome.

  Things are good here, the lack of success has kind of given me doubts, but then I think I have only been here for like 2 weeks and my comp tells me that every area he was in started off slow and then it’s like wild fire!  SO I am excited.  I have been learning a lot of Guarani in Yby Yay which is cool.  “By sha paw”is how you say “How are you?” to women.  “By la porte” is how you say “How are you?”  to men.  They say yes by saying “hehhh.”  It’s kinda funny, but cool.

I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me this opportunity to serve him in Paraguay.  I am especially grateful for Jesus Christ at this time because of his birth and teachings on this Earth.  He is so loving and without hesitation he said he would go and suffer for us.  He is the reason why we are able to return to live with our Heavenly Father and have this eternal happiness.  I am so grateful for our Savior’s birth and for the great teachings and things he brought to this earth.  I love you guys so much and am so grateful to have a family like you.  I hope you all know I will be missing you this Christmas, but I know that the Lord needs me here and needs me to bring the people closer to him and to share His love with them.  I love you all, friends and family, and hope all is well.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

Elder Pearson

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